Top Greek Beaches

Greece is famous all over the world for its beaches and islands. Boasting more than 6000 islands and thousands kilometers of coastline, Greek beaches have earned their reputation due to their cleanness, their beauty and exceptional characteristics. Especially after the introduction of the blue flags system, the international program embraced by more than 80 countries, referring to the safety, cleanness and state of art services at the beaches, combined with the environmental protection and sensitivity, Greek beaches climbed the ladder earning international recognition. Some of the most famous beaches in Greece include:

Myrtos BeachMyrtos Beach in Kefalonia
This beach is included in the top 5 list of best beaches of the world, because it is indeed an astounding place to be. If you see it in a postcard you may think that its beauty is manipulated, but in this case what you see is what you get. Sapphire waters and a sandy beach in a naturally picturesque scenery compound by limestone hills that you may remember from Corelli’s Mandolin, with Nikolas Cage and Penelope Cruz.

Paradise Beach in Mykonos
If asking why to go there, the answer is simple, because it is one of the most beautiful Greek beaches where celebrities are also going. There is an open air club that works all day and night, made Mykonos equally famous with Ibiza and Capri. Party goers and avid nudists along with celebrities – Paris Hilton has been spotted here as well – set the tone during the summer months. Paradise beach is an experience you cannot miss.

Vai Beach in Crete
Crete is renowned for its beaches and the diversity of the scenery, but Vai is by far the most famous, mostly because of the palm tree forest that embraces the beach, giving a taste of Caribbean Sea to the island. If you remember the Bounty bar commercial a few years ago you might recognize the Vai Beach, also known as Europe’s largest palm forest, which is today a preserved area. Laid back tourists and northern European travelers cherish this place and visit it for a nice dive and unwind under the shadow of the palms.

Lindos Beach in Rhodes
Lindos is the cutest and prettiest village-historical town of Rhodes, a few kilometers outside the main town. Set ideally on a cliff, overlooking the Aegean Sea, Lindos is a medieval monument, compound now by whitewashed houses and narrow street, with the distinctive cobblestone path. Lindos Beach is the place where tourists and visitors let themselves be drifted by the force of nature and beauty of the light blue waters and the white sandy beach that lays under the imposing medieval castle.

Koukounaries BeachKoukounaries Beach in Skiathos (Sporades) As the name implies, Koukounaries is a two miles long beach adorned by pine trees that complement a marvelous coniferous forest and a small lake that ends in the sea. The crystal water, renowned for their clarity and cleanness, a scent of pines swarms the atmosphere and complement the stunning sunset and sunrise view.