Buying a Property in Greece

Many travelers who have been to Greece and have been traveling back from time to time might have thought the idea of acquiring their own property in Greece. It might be that the beauty and allure of Greece have convinced them to have their own house on one of the island perhaps so they can avoid staying in hotels or maybe they have decided to retire or live permanently in Greece. There are many other reasons for people want to buy a house in Greece and whatever reasons it may be there are still some guidelines and procedures needed to be followed for the process of acquiring property there.

Greece is not a small country and one of the first major things to consider is where in Greece would you prefer to have your property at? At the advent of the internet, it has become more convenient and easy for people to do their house hunting online before anything else. There are a lot of online real estate sites which offers information of properties for sale in Greece. It is very advisable to make use of these online sites knowing first which properties are for sale on specific areas before you start to travel and actually see the place for yourself in person. Your place of choice in Greece also depends on the type of activities you want to do or maybe obligated to do as in jobs.

Once in Greece, you may want to find a resident real estate broker or locally known there as a “misitis”. He or she can help you a lot in terms of finding the best house for you in your preferred location as well as assist you in whatever documentation processes you need to undertake.

Greece PropertyLike in most parts of the world, houses by the sea are usually more expensive than those situated in the inner parts. At times, even if an area is underdeveloped, a house by the sea in that area may cost a lot more than a house within a more advanced city or town. Not so long ago when the tourism industry in Greece was not yet prosperous, the less fortunate people or those who had less money only had properties by the beach which were way cheaper and considered to be of minimal value as compared to properties inside town. Now, things have turned the other way, the beach properties became far more expensive due to the development of tourism in Greece.

Another way which might be inadequate if you don’t speak or read the Greek language is by looking for properties in their local classified papers. Most times, houses put on sale on local papers are cheaper than the ones advertised on the net. Acquiring the services of a translator might be a good idea to go about this task. A local real estate broker who offers their services to prospect buyers usually charges around two per cent of the sale which can happen. Having someone like him or her who can post as an advisor and also offer assistance may prove to be of great use and advantageous later on.

Financing and bank based transactions has made it easier for buyers and sellers alike to go about their negotiations in acquiring property in Greece.

There are some areas in Greece where foreigners are not allowed to acquire land. To go about this rule, foreigners must have a special permit to buy Greece real estate, duly recognized by the governing body of Greece. Some people evade this law by having a local person as a partner in acquiring the property.  A fast process but might pose dangers soon after. These are just some tips you need to know when planning to acquire that Greece property.