Athens Nightlife

The scent of the ocean blows inland with each gentle caress of the offshore winds, deep turquoise waters ruffled beneath its touch. There is so much about Athens, which begins to be recognized. Yet, above all is the abundant and pleasurable nightlife. The city comes alive in a completely different way than it does in the light of the sun. Neon and moonlight suit it far better. Though the tourists still venture out, there is a decidedly adult flavor to the air after dark, when dreams and fantasies come true without the necessity of sleep.

The nightlife typically begins with an evening meal, which the people of Athens typically eat rather late in the day; Athenians have their dinners at around 9 or 10 at night. Restaurants and tavernas offer an array of excellent foods and drinks. Imagine that it can be counted on to be open until at least two in the morning. The best tavernas can be found in the area of the city known as Plaka, which is a neighborhood that sits at the base of the Acropolis and is the oldest region in Athens. Many of the tavernas and restaurants provide their own live entertainment. You can choose traditional bouzouki music or perhaps a performance of some more traditional Greek folk dances.

Athens NightlifeIf one is unaccustomed to the vibrant Greek nightlife and its varied and exciting music scene, they should never miss a stop to see a performance inside a bouzoukia. These informal clubs feature live music performed by both known artists and new singers looking for their big break. Anyone intending to go to a bouzoukia can be interested in a particular type of music, but will hardly ever be disappointed because these stages offer a wide variety of musical styles. Even so, regardless of the singer, there are bound to be women dancing on the tops of the tables or on the stage alongside the current performer. In many bouzoukia, flowers and cheap plates are sold to patrons as tokens of their appreciation of the performer’s song. These lively and unpredictable entertainments make a bouzoukia a must-see attraction to anyone visiting Athens for a taste of the nightlife.

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