Apartments in Greece

Whether you are looking to book an apartment or studio for your holidays or you wish to stay in Greece for as long as you can during the summer months or all year long, you will find an extremely wide variety of offered apartments in the entire country.

Athens is the place to start with when visiting Greece. There are thousands of apartments of all kinds that can serve and meet all expectations and requirements. In fact, Athens and Greece in general, accommodate such a large number of tourists every year that hospitality and housing outlets of incredible quality and standards are something more than expected in the country. You can find some of the best apartments in Athens, both furnished and not, depending on what you need, most of them conveniently located either in downtown, giving you direct access to all main attractions in the city, or in one of the numerous beaches at the southern suburbs of the city, in Glyfada, Alimos, Kalamaki and Sounio.

Apartments in Athens and suburbs can suit to all budgets and pockets and can accommodate people of special tastes and people who just wish for a clean and convenient place to stay. Most of them are rent on a weekly basis and there is a minimum stay of three nights, but in some cases even that is negotiable. You should expect all modern amenities, internet connection and everything that is expected in the best private accommodation outlets and apartments. The choice in Athens is practically unlimited.

Greece ApartmentsAlthough all places in Greece feature apartments and studios due to the millions of tourists that flood the islands and the other touristic attractions of the mainland, there are particular place in Greece infamous for the state of art apartments they offer. Mykonos is one of them, known for the apartment villas offered almost all year along the renowned beaches of the island. The range is huge: from 40 to 150sq.meters, with pools, tennis courts and large yards and partying venues, Mykonos boasts some of the most elegant and stylish apartments in Greece. Most of them are rented by international celebrities who wish for secluded and private vacations, but there are numerous agencies all over the world to which you can ask for the prices and arrangements, or sometimes contact the local authorities if you wish to avoid the agencies’ commissions.

Santorini, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Crete are also among the places that offer incredible apartments of all sizes and styles. In most cases the apartments for tourists and travelers are furnished and feature kitchens and living rooms, along with well appointed amenities that ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. Prices range depending on the size and the location, but it is possible to find a good and clean apartment from 30 to 300 Euros per day. There is a huge selection of them available online, and most owners can be accessed directly, without any agencies or mediums involved. This can get you better prices and fewer misunderstandings.

In the country that gave birth to the term hospitality there is nothing less to expect than quality apartments, in good prices and in great condition. It is a cost effective and more private way to visit Greece and stay for as long as you want, even for ever.