Chalkidiki – Greece

Chalkidiki, or Halkidiki as most people know it, is considered among the most mature travelers and tourism savvies as an ideal location in Greece for enjoyable and high class vacations, although the truth is that high class and standards are combined in this region with affordable prices, that can suit all tastes and budgets.
Chalkidiki is the birthplace of Aristotle, a place of unique history and a long past, offering the benefits of the mainland, combined with the conveniences and advantages of a Greek island, without being such. Lush greenery, forests, an array of endless beaches and resorts is what sets the tone on Chalkidiki, which also boasts some of the best clubs and nightlife in the Northern Part of Greece.

Chalkidiki consists of three legs as the Greeks call them, three parts that compound the famous peninsula. If you are a woman you can visit only the two of them, because the third leg is Athos, the Holy Mountain, or Agio Oros in Greek, which is an autonomous state of monasteries and monks where women are not allowed. MenĀ  can visit freely and stay for many days in one of the monasteries, if they wish to stay away from everyday life for a while.

ChalkidikiThe first leg of Chalkidiki is Cassandra, and the second is Sithonia. Both legs consist of numerous villages and small towns, but mostly of seaside resorts that accommodate thousands of visitors every year. Chalkidiki is the place where most of the Northern Greeks spend their summer holidays and is also a summer hub for many of the neighborhood countries of the Balkans. When visiting Cassandra you have to visit the village of Nea Fokaia, where is the Tower of Saint Paul, because this is the place where Paul resided for many years. In Nea Potidaia you will find a castle built by the Greeks during the Turkish occupation, which was used as a base when attacking the Turkish army. If wondering why so many places have the word Neos or Nea – which means new – the answer is that many of this places were renamed, when many of the Greeks of the Asia Minor coast were deported or killed by the Turks. Those who fled to Greece gave the name of their village to the new location, adding the word “new” in front of the name.

Sithonia features Neos Marmaras, which is one of the most picturesque areas in the region and Nikiti, a very popular tourist destination and village. The main characteristic of both Cassandra and Sithonia are the numerous holidays resorts and large hotel complexes that can accommodate thousands of tourists, offering state of art services, in all possible styles and prices. Family resorts, places for couples, studios, apartments, large camping areas, everything you can imagine is at the tourists’ disposal.

Chalkidiki is considered a tourist heaven in Greece and once you visit you’ll know why.