Hydra Island

Located only 38 nautical miles from the main port of Greece, Piraeus in Athens, Hydra is the duchess of the Argosaronicos Sea. Visitors who enter its port for the first time are amazed with the amphitheatrically built harbor town that rises above the sea. The returning visitors cannot wait for the boat’s entrance to the harbor so that they can enjoy once more the moment where the eyes embrace the entire island from the sea.

Hydra found its prosperous times being related with a dark part in the Greek History, the Turkish occupation. Its maritime development along with the urban character helped Hydra become a very rich place during the 18th and 19th century and officiate in the revolution against the Turks, as the wealthy residents converted their boats to effective battleships , creating glorious moments for the General Cause. What this time left behind, except for an illustrious and rich past, is beautiful mansions, known as ‘arhondika’ in Greek, that line the harbor and mount the hills’ banks.

It was during the 50s that Hydra flourished once more , as many international films were shot there, benefiting from the amazingly picturesque scenery. Tourists from all over the world discovered this beautiful island which quickly became one of the most touristic places in Europe, accommodating visitors from every single corner of the world. Artists and intellectuals, both locals and foreigners, like Leonard Cohen, decided to headquarter here, setting a different tone for the island. Hydra is called ‘Duchess’ because it maintains the aura of glamour and a cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with Art ; you can see many artists setting their easels at some corner and painting all day long. Exhibitions and galleries are a very common theme.

The residents of Hydra decided to take measures to preserve their unique characteristics: vehicles are banned and the only means of transport are the lovely and friendly donkeys and mules, while for long distances, visitors can hire a water taxi, if they want to visit another village, or even one of the nearby islands. Taxis and small boats take the tourists and local everyday to the beaches which are tucked along its beautiful coastline : Bisti and Agios Nikolas are some of the most famous once.

Hydra GreeceHydra is known as the walker’s paradise, because you can actually reach every place walking, through cobbled streets that wind around the island and its main town. The focal point of activities is the harbor of course, where an array of dining outlets and bars are laying. All activities take place here: art shops, handmade jewelry shops and stylish outlets invite their customers and guests to shop on the waterfront. The restaurants of the island offer mainly seafood and fresh fish, but there is nothing you cannot find from the famous Greek cuisine, as well as International specialties. Most of them, like Sunset restaurant offer amazing views, while ‘Kseri Elia’ is known for the best traditional food.

Hotels in Hydra are equally beautiful, as most of them are mansions coming from another era, transformed into modern elegant hotels with well appointed services and all possible amenities. Hotel Bratsera is an old sponge diving factory that became a breathtakingly beautiful hotel, while Angelika and Orlof are always excellent choices.

Hydra is the place to visit if you want to indulge in a world of serenity, peaceful and friendly environment, and of course Art. Known for its hospitality, Hydra is the ideal choice for weekends and longer vacations, all year long.