Ios Island

Ios is probably one of those islands in Greece that indeed never sleeps. Greeks and travelers consider it as the ultimate entertainment and party island, where youngsters from every part of the world gather to celebrate summer and freedom.

Ios IslandIos is part of the Cyclades islands, in the Southern Aegean Sea. It is renowned for its beauty, the strong winds and the somewhat harsh and rocky surface that attracts many alternative and mature tourists, who wish for something different than the mainstream. It is interesting how this island gathers both nightlife lovers and avid party goers, but on the other side is the ideal place for many people who wish to explore the unexplored. This helps the island to keep some balance though, because the concentration of so many youngsters who drink and party all day jeopardized the reputation of the island, until the most sophisticated and laid back travelers decided to start visiting the island.

The large sandy beaches are the trademark of the island of Ios. The funny fact is that in the morning most of them are almost empty since the youngsters still sleep and recover from the previous frantic night. In fact most of them return to hotels or camping complexes very early in the morning, so those who wish to enjoy some lonely time at the beach and sea can benefit from the morning hours. The most popular and impressive beaches here are Mylopotas, Yialos and Kouvaras, where you can see families, nudists and party goers all blending harmoniously.

Watersports and any kind of sea activity is a must in Ios. Its strong winds are ideal for surfers who flood the island especially in July and August. Beach volley tournaments, surfing and jet skiing are some of the activities and international contests that take place every year in Ios attracting thousands of tourists.
As the obvious goal of most of the visitors of Ios are parties and the bustling nightlife, there are numerous bars and clubs, while the beaches themselves turn into large dancing venues at night, where large crowds gather and compete in drinking, dancing and loud singing. The audience is mainly young , however you can see more mature people as well.

Food in Ios is also very good, although there are more choices for young people, including Greek fast foods and crepes outlets, souvlaki restaurants and more mainstream choices where tourists can taste the traditional Greek cuisine, as well as the Greek wines and drinks for which the country is infamous.
Because of the particularity of the target group, family resorts do not exist that much in Ios. In fact you can mostly find large camping areas, with state of art services, studios and apartments in very affordable prices, both in Chora, the capital of the island, as well as in the smaller villages and beaches. The Camping of Mylopotas is considered to be one of the best in Europe, offering both tent spots and small studios for longer stay in very reasonable prices, that all youngsters can afford.