Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia is one of the largest and most popular islands in Ionian Island, Greece. The capital of island is Argostoli. Argostoli homes about one-third of the total population of Kefalonia. This island is a very popular tourist destination for its natural beauty of numerous astonishing beaches having fine sand and excellent turquoise. The beauty of water is so fascinating that it can provide a wonderful view of the beach. The charming villages, the fascinating mountain Mount Ainos, various types of the vegetations, forest, tremendous landscape, the National Park, and many other sites must be visited by all. The popularity of the Kefalonia has increased well when it was chosen as the shooting location of the film “Captain Corelliĺs Mandolin” which was directed by John Madden.

Kefalonia is the largest island among the Ionian Islands. This island is filled with lots of vegetation like Corfu Island. Many websites have been developed to promote the tourism; they help you in navigating almost all the destinations of this island; hence, it makes the tour easy for the persons who are new to this island and those who wish to have a journey to this island in future. These websites also provide important information regarding the hotels that are located in the island along with the rate and luxury condition of the hotels. The weather report and directory information can also be had from these websites.

Kefalonia - Greece

The impressive and varied scenery can be seen in Kefalonia. The island has got an unusual shape formed by many magnificent bays and splendid inlets. The clean and small pebble beaches can be found in northern rocky coastline and the extended and sandy coastline can be found on the southern shores. Kefalonia has high-quality set of connections of road and hence it can be explored soon if you want to have best way for driving. Kefalonia is also very ideal for walking, cycling, and riding on horses. Various transport facilities such as motorboat and yacht are available in many islands such as Lefkas, Zante, and Ithaca.

Mount Ainos is the highest mountain of Kefalonia, which is about 1628 m tall. The west-northwest regions are covered by the Paliki Mountains. The panoramic views of these mountains will definitely delight you. Even though, the island has lots of vegetation, those cannot be included under forestry. Forestry is somewhat rare on this island. Animal breeding and growing olive trees are the main agricultural occupations of the people of this island.

The main attractions of this island are its beaches and bays. The island has many beautiful beaches and bays such as Atheras Beach, Katelios, Lepeda Beach, Myrtos Beach, Petani Beach, Xi Beach, Mounda Bay, and Vatsa Bay. Cape Agios Georgios and Cape Kounopetra are the important capes of this island. Along the broader of this island, there are two large monasteries ľ one is situated in Markopoulo and the other is located between Argostoli and Michata. This island also has some museums, which are Archaeological Museum, Iakovatios Library, Korgialeneios Museum, Kosmetatos Foundation, and Museum in Fiscardo. Foot ball is the most commonly played sports in this island. Baseball is also played in some places. The island consists of about 20 sports clubs and associations.