Kos Island

One of the most popular islands in Greece for summer holidays is Kos. There are many reasons why someone can visit this island and the most spectacular is that every time there is something new to see and discover. Holidays on the island of Kos offer the tourists a wide variety of things to do and see, ranging from historical and archaeological sites to the bustling nightlife that characterizes downtown Kos.

Kos, as Rhodes, is the island that once was conquered by the Templar Knights and the Knights of Saint John, who left a spectacular medieval castle , which marks the town and provides a wonderful setting for evening walks and all day activities. Ancient structures, left to remind the rich history and past of this island, blend harmoniously with the oriental and medieval architecture, giving a particular character to the island.

Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of Medicine. The Plane Tree of Hippocrates, where he gave his lessons to his students ornaments still the center of the city. The temple and monuments dedicated to Asclepius are a famous attraction, as well as numerous Italian Villas and Mansions, coming from the Roman Empire.

The main town of Kos is the one that names actually the island and is the nightlife hub of the place. Most of the restaurants and the vast majority of bars are there; in fact the downtown in Kos is so small that is almost spectacular how many bars and nightclubs you can find, but this is one of the secrets of the island that makes it so popular among young people from all over the world, mostly among British and Scandinavians who enjoy the very cheap drinks and affordable Greek food.

Kos is famous not only for its nightlife, but also for the large holidays resorts that occupy big parts of the numerous sandy beaches and provide an ideal spot for summer holidays to all kinds of visitors. You can find families with small kids that enjoy the full packages and well appointed amenities of the luxurious hotels, or groups of youngsters who enjoy the freedom and the frantic nightlife. All hotels and beach resorts give their guests the chance to try several sea sports and activities, and it is not accidental that Kos gathers thousands of surfers every summer.

Kos GreeceKos is also a sailing hub. It features one of the best appointed and equipped marinas in the Mediterranean sea and a huge number of charter yachts companies that rent sailing boats to the tourists and guests. The rich complex of islands close to Kos , known as Dodecanese Islands, as well as the coast of Turkey which is less than 10miles away, give an ideal spot for the numerous savvy sailors that enjoy alternative holidays on the island ,and provides an ideal base for the famous Greek Island-hopping.

The diversity of activities and the very vivid life, make Kos a wonderful summer holidays destination, and the thousands of Americans and Europeans that flood the island every year prove that this is actually true.