Lesbos Island

Lesbos, or Mytilene as the island is known, is the third largest island of Greece, one of the most historical, beautiful and the closest to the Turkish coast island of the Eastern complex of Greek Islands.

Although Lesvos is one of the most popular and appreciated among Greeks and Balkan people islands, it hasn’t been massively popular to the foreign visitors until the beginning of the 90s, when a sudden turn of the islanders towards alternative and agricultural tourism, gave a sudden boost to the area. The islanders practically decided to benefit from what the island has to offer : A large tradition in Ouzo – probably the most traditional drink of the Greeks – with some of the finest distilleries along the island, olive oil famous for its quality and cheeses, make this place a culinary paradise. If you add to that some of the most beautiful secluded bays and sandy beaches you can understand why now Lesbos is flooded by tourists from all over the world.

Lesbos is famous for a particular reason. As the name might remind you, the island gave the world the term “lesbian” due to the ancient Greek poet Sappho who lived there and was the first openly gay woman who wrote poems about her passions and lovers. Today, Eressos, one of the longest beaches in Europe and one of the most beautiful we may add, is the known lesbian paradise of Europe. Every summer thousand women gather there to celebrate the warm sun, love and diversity.

The capital of the island is Mytilene, where the port and airport built and where all excursions start from. The Gulf of Kalloni , close to the town is a preserved area due to the thousands of Flamingos that reside there during the summer months. Kalloni means Beautiful woman, and it is indeed so.

Lesbos Island - GreeceOne of the most picturesque villages of Greece lays in Lesbos. Molyvos consists of complexes of suspended red roofed mansions and houses, narrow cobblestone paths and streets and a lovely fishing harbor where restaurants and bars offer the best view to the Bay. An imposing castle coming from the Genovese occupation of the island overlooks the village and the Aegean Sea. Molyvos is the most beloved and popular village among visitors. Petra, another small village next to Molyvos, shares the same beauty and graphic style, and is also preferred by sea sport lovers because of the wide range of activities. In both places there is an array of hotels and studios or apartments for rent, in very affordable prices, for all tastes and pockets.

You cannot visit Lesbos without going to Sigri, a fossil forest very close to Eressos, at the northern part of the island. The forest is unique and is one of the Preserved Areas of Unesco.

Lesbos is though associated with ouzo and here you can find the best distilleries of the country. If you want the insight of a Greek, visit the picturesque village of Plomari and try their Ouzo. It’s delicious and you won’t be able to leave the glass down. This drink has something of the magic of the island.