Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is the Queen of the Cyclades Islands that nestle in the central Aegean Sea. The White Island, or Island of the Winds as the Greeks call it, because of the constant breeze and mild wind that blows, is a worth rival of the most famous trendy holidays resorts globally. Aiolos, the Greek God of Wind lived here and both residents and visitors of the island do believe that he still lives around.

Mykonos has a long history laying in its past and a bright future that awaits her. Once it was the gathering point for Greek and European celebrities, who cherished their privacy and the opportunity to relax and unwind, creating some sort of distant ‘kasta’ in the island. During the 90s though more and more tourists started visiting the island, appreciating the unique architecture, the extremely amiable climate and weather and of course the sense of freedom that complements the island. Mykonos is a heaven on earth for people who want to indulge to a feast of senses. An openly gay friendly island, with massive gay tourism every year and a fascinating international gay festival that takes place annually in September are just some hints of what you can find here.

Greeks boast that Mykonos never sleeps. That is not quite true though, because in the early morning hours everyone goes to bed after a frantic night. For those who enjoy lonely walks in the narrow and picturesque paved streets of the downtown – known as kalderimia – where no cars are allowed, morning hours are ideal; streets are empty, the stores open a little after 10am and everyone has still that morning sweet sense of awakening in a lovely new day.

Mykonos GreeceThe white houses with the distinctive blue and red windows, the paved streets, the small and cute shops, and the numerous well appointed clubs and the amazingly beautiful restaurants and bars set the tone. There is no chance that you will visit the island and not fall in love with the ‘Little Venice’ and the Windmills overlooking the Aegean Sea, inviting the visitors to sit at their shadow and enjoy the beautiful sunset, or just participate in the largest people check you can find in Greece.

Mykonos is blessed with an array of breathtaking beaches that can satisfy every taste and desire. Elia is the place to be when you want to see and be seen; Platis Gyalos and Ornos are more family beaches, with great beach amenities as the hotels serve your food and drink at the beach. Kalafatis and Agrari are the beaches preferred by the sea sport lovers as their location is ideal for windsurfing and all possible sea sports you can imagine. Last but not least, Super Paradise is the trendiest beach of the island, where you can go in the morning and leave the next day, as the entire beach becomes a hot nightlife spot and a large dancing venue all night long. If you are up to something more historical though, you can take a little boat and visit the nearby island of Delos, an archaeological island, the birthplace of Apollo and Diana.

Mykonos boasts some of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in Greece, for all tastes and pockets. You can find elegant and expensive Mykonos hotels with amazing views or simple budget studios that can serve large groups and families. Villas and private houses with pools overlooking the Aegean Sea are some of the most popular accommodation outlets on the island.

The proliferation of archeological and entertaining hot spots made Mykonos one of the most popular touristic destinations. Every corner and spot on this island is a postcard image, as the unique architecture blends with cultural and historical heritage of the island creating a charming result that invites you to soak in its arms.