Naxos Greece

Naxos is a very popular travel destination in Greece, the island covers about 429 square km. This is the largest island in the group of Cyclades Islands in the Aegean. It was the navel point of ancient Cycladic culture. Naxos Island consists of two municipalities, which are Naxos and Drymalia. The capital of Naxos Island is Hora, which is the largest town of this island. Sometimes, Hora is also known as Naxos City. The island has many fruit-yielding trees and olive tree; one of the main businesses of the inhabitants of this island is culturing fish.

As Mykonos, the neighboring island, Naxos wants to develop high-class tourism and it wants to make more revenue. Besides being delighting the individuals who are seeking bars, bikinis, and sunlight, Naxos has many sites for the people who are looking for the Greek culture. Naxos is the greenest island in Cyclades island group; this island has remarkably elevated mountains and productive valleys.

There are many beaches in Naxos, which are most beautiful among the beaches in Greece. You can easily go these beaches with a few-minute drive from the nearby villages where the people are still wearing the traditional dress. These villagers use old looms to weave their own dress and they still depend on the fruits they get from their village for their life. The island Naxos consists of various antique buildings such as antic monasteries, homes, old churches, and Venetian castles. The island Naxos has been endlessly domiciled since the 4,000 BC and many excavations, which include ancient artifacts and buildings, all around the island are being discovered almost daily.

The Mikri Vigla Club, which is located in Naxos Island, is one of the best windsurf clubs in the world. This island is renowned for the Naxos windsurf provision it can offer during summer time while the Meltemi blows this island from the north. The club puts forward the wonderful circumstances to take pleasure in your favorite water sport. There is no shorebreak; the constant wind sideshore, warm water, and other conditions of the Mikri Vigla Bay remain very safe. The bay of Mikri Vigla is located towards the west of Naxos; this bay is a beautiful place that has dreamy warm water and reliable consistent wind, which will make your trip a memorable one.

Naxos is a travel vacation destination for all types of interests. The island would be a perfect for holiday vacations. There are many holiday resorts that suit for families, teens, and olds. You can find many amusing activities in this island; some of them are beach sports, cycling, mountain bikes, water ski, walking tours, and yachting. In addition, the island holds the fame to be the wind surfer’s paradise. This island will definitely delight you if you really like the sun and the sea and if you like civilization and history.

Naxos has sufficient transport facilities, which make you easily reach most of the attractions of Naxos. You can use buses or taxis to reach any sites. There are also many companies that offer you inexpensive rental cars and rental motorbikes. However, you use boats to reach remote beaches. There are many attractions in this island such as chapels, churches, medieval castles, monuments, and museums, near to Naxos hotels where you can stay.