Paros – Greece

Paros is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Greece, situated at the heart of the Cyclades complex in central Aegean Sea. Paros is considered to be the most perfect example of Cycladic architecture, which consists of white houses with rainbow colored windows, narrow cobblestone paths and streets that run through the city. It is indeed a very picturesque place to visit and is definitely worth travelling there in the summer, because of the numerous wonderful beaches that set the tone for an enjoyable time.

Paros GreeceThe capital of Paros is Paroikia, a lovely fishing village with those little white houses and the maze of the narrow streets that invite you to wander around the city and take a look at the traditional architecture that Parians follow religiously when building, even their restaurants, bars, banks and public buildings. According to a law that exists since the 60s, it is not allowed to build following any other architectural method, a fact that preserves the unique character of the island. The harbor of Paroikia is very busy, especially during the summer months, since the ferries and smaller boats bring the tourists and visitors there. It is a bustling place to be, but is so cute and vivid that you cannot help it but adore it.

Travelers and tourists flock at the numerous beaches of the island. Kolibithres, Piso Livadi, Megalo Piperi, Golden Sand, are just a few of those beaches that attract the tourists, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they are completely different from each other. Sandy or rocky beaches, long or small ones, hidden in bays or lying along the coastline, the beaches of Paros can meet all expectations. There is a beach for everyone, people say there, and that seems to be true. In some of the beaches there are international tournaments of wind surf taking place every year and many of the famous athletes that have won even Olympic medals come to this place to train, due to the very friendly winds and high level of competition.
If you are among those who prefer more relaxed atmosphere and the traditional ambience, then the village of Naoussa is the place to be. It is another small, tiny place, a very picturesque fishing village, famous for its “ouzeri” , the sea food restaurants where you enjoy fresh fish and sea food in small portions, called mezedes, along with many bottles of ouzo. There is no better way to indulge into the Greek tradition and style of eating while blending with the locals. It is a common phenomenon to see tourists who try to dance and sing along with the locals, after sharing many glasses of ouzo and local wines.

Paros offers to its visitors a unique and traditional experience, but maintains an aura of cosmopolitan atmosphere that comes from its rich past and still retains its character. Monasteries, monuments, churches, beaches, elegant resorts and numerous bars and clubs offer to the visitor the idea of what Greece really is.