Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island (in Greek Ródos), which covers about 1,400 square km, is situated 18 km southeast of Turkey in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is located in between Crete and the Middle East of the Aegean Sea. Rhodes is the largest among the Dodecanese Islands. It is one of the largest municipalities among the islands of Greece. It is commonly known as the Island of Light or Sun Island; accordingly, it is hard to find a day when the Sun does not shine! With this subtropical and special climate with about 3,000 hours of sun a year, a full contentment of holidays can be had here. Due to the fantastic nature, the city is being visited many people including the local inhabitants of Greece.

Rhodes Island GreeceNowadays, Rhodes offers the visitors the excessive leisure alternatives all around the year, which cover all kinds of tourist activities. The natural glory of the island, the ancient monuments, the cordial reception munificently offered by the aboriginals of Rhodes, and a fabulous tourist infrastructure featuring the most contemporary hotels are captivating the visitor from all the parts of the world. The pellucid seas, the bright sun, beautiful parks, various recreational facilities, and the warm welcome by the islanders are the reasons why Rhodes becomes one of the most favourite resorts in the Mediterranean.

There is a large medieval wall that separates the city in two – new towns and old town. The original beauty lies in the old town with aesthetic houses, ancient castles, and beautiful streets. Mandraki Harbour has a circular market and fabulous cafés in the vicinity of the seafront. At the entrance of the harbour, there are two popular pillars with a statue of a deer at the top of each pillar. Rhodes is the city where leading national, European, and international congresses are held every year.

The city becomes more popular because of the natural and aesthetic beauty of the island with numerous Byzantine churches and attractive locations. The climatic conditions of Rhodes are most comfortable with the temperature of around 14 degree Celsius in the month of January. Weather is very much fruitful and you will be very much please of it.

The city has many popular hotels that offer your luxurious accommodations. Some of the renowned hotels are Alexia Hotel, Camelot Hotel, Doreta Beach Hotel, Lindos Mare Hotel, Moschos Hotel, Niriides Hotel, Palm Bay Hotel, Pegasos Beach Hotel, and Sun Beach Resort Complex. Some of the beautiful beaches where you can spend you holidays are Afandou, Elli Beach, Faliraki, Ixia, Kalithea Bay, Ladiko Bay, Pefkos, and Vlycha Beach. There are many other attractions in Rhodes that you can add in your must-visit list! They are Ancient Ialyssos, Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Asklipios, Castle of Kritinia, Filerimos Hill, Kameiros, Lindos Acropolis, Monte Smit, Palace of The Grandmaster, Rhodes Aquarium, Seven Springs, and the Valley of the Butterflies.

The city Rhodes offers you a great variety of entertainment such as cultural events, nightlife, sports, and at leisure day trips to the beautiful Lindos and the adjacent islands such as Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kos, Leros, and Patmos. Ultimately, you can have the chance to discover something about the consequential history of the city if you visit various museums located in the city or if you go for sightseeing.