Santorini – Greece

If for some unfortunate reason you would have to choose only one place in Greece to visit, then this should be Santorini. It is said that it is not really important where you are as long as you are with the right person or people, and that is generally true. But when it comes to Santorini then there is an exception. Visiting and spending some time on this island, is an experience you simply cannot have again. It is not accidental that Santorini is included in the list of the unique places of the world, as a natural phenomenon.

In Santorini you can re discover yourself, by rediscovering your senses. Everything in this place differs, and actually enjoys it, inviting the visitors to let themselves create new memories, dive in the beauty and diversity of this place. Santorini boasts one of the most unique and spectacular natural settings in the world, being part of a volcano, as well as the darkest night you can ever see, because of the black soil and black mountain slopes and banks, where the main villages and towns are built.

Santorini GreeceThere is a reputation following Santorini, Greece: It has the most spectacular sunset in the world, or at least one of them. Once there, you know that this is true. The declining sun become very playful in Santorini, as its rays illuminate and obscure different parts of the slopes, creating a breathtaking visual effect for the thousands of visitors that every evening flock to the top of the mountains to admire the phenomenon. Romantism overflows. You can see hundreds of couples holding each other, sitting wherever they can in order to secure a better view, kissing under the purplish light of a melting sun. We said it. In Santorini you can rediscover or enhance love.

Santorini hotels are ideally located, so as to offer the best possible view to their guests. In Oia, the most famous village of the island, the suspended hotels, built on the steep slope of the hill which once was the caldera, offer a magnificent view to the heart of the volcano, which looks like a small island just in front of Santorini. The volcano is called Nea Kammeni, which in Greek means Newly Burned. The pool rooftops, or blind pools in all hotels as they are mostly known, give the guests the chance to relax and enjoy private holidays. In Santorini you don’t even need to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. Everything is set in this way that can offer you the most enjoyable time. Santorini is known as the ideal place for lovers, couples, artists and poets…

Although most of the tourists do prefer spending time in the hotels because of the illustrious environment and unique view, there are three things one cannot miss when visiting Santorini, Greece. First of all, walking on the black sand beaches that cluster the island, visit the Nea Kammeni for a daily tour with the small boats set just for that, and of course stroll happily along the cobblestone streets of Oia. The peaceful and relaxing environment of the island, the blue domed churches, the sun bathed restaurants and cafes overlooking the volcano are some things that stay in your memory and heart, long after you leave the island.

Santorini offers the best accommodation selection in Greece, and the most enchanting ambience. Once you count the stars on a clear dark night in Santorini, you know you fell in love with this place. And you will once come back.