Skiathos Island

If you are a traveler that adores the sun, the beautiful beaches and the relaxed and laid back atmosphere in a wonderful ambience, then probably you need to travel to Skiathos. This is the most famous island of the Sporades complex of islands in north Aegean Sea, featuring more than 60 beaches, all unique and different from each other.

Skiathos is actually a tiny island, only 46sq kilometers, but in this size manages to boast some of the most beautiful beaches and sceneries in Greece. If you have watched the extremely popular Mamma Mia, the movie this year you took a glimpse of what the island can offer you, since some parts of the movie where shot there and in Skopelos, the other infamous island of Sporades. The selection of beaches in Skiathos is indeed huge, although there is one which has gained international recognition due to its uniqueness and natural beauty: Koukounaries, which means Pine trees, is a two kilometers long sandy beach backed with Pine trees and woods, with a small blue lagoon that ends in the sea. It is the most popular beach of the island, visited and admired by all the travelers that find themselves on the island. Some of them even visit Skiathos just to see and take pictures of this particular beach. It is gorgeous indeed.

Skiathos Island GreeceThe Northern part of the island offers a wonderful contrast of Byzantine monasteries mixed with ancient ruins and sandy marble hills and cliffs, while the coastline is breathtaking, rougher and harsher than the southern part, equally beautiful and more challenging for sailors who tend to spend their vacations on the island, doing some island hopping.

The town of Skiathos, is of course the focal point of all activities, gathering a large number of traditional tavernas and restaurants, bars and night clubs and a lovely, picturesque port where people flock during the evening hours to enjoy the sunset and have a drink on the waterfront. The maze of small and narrow cobblestone streets and paths that ornaments the town is the perfect location for those who enjoy a relaxing and calming stroll, combined with shopping of local products and foods.

Those who wish for something more active can of course visit the numerous beaches and try some of the sea sports and activities offered in almost all of them. Windsurfing and sea ski, sailing and parachuting are just a few of the activities you can find, or you can just stretch at the beach enjoying the warm sun and refreshing breeze that blows during the summer months. Kanapitsa and Troulos are some of the most famous resorts and beaches of Skiathos, attracting many tourists due to the long sandy beaches and the array of impressively stylish resorts and studios to rent, all in affordable prices.

If you want to visit some remote beaches and enjoy a more private sea dive, there are daily boat trips that can take you to secluded beaches, but if you like going off the beaten track you can always rent an off road vehicle and go on your own adventure discovering some of the hidden beauties of the island; and there are so many of them!