Kalamaki – Greece

If looking to stay in Athens, in a very short distance from the centre but still far enough from the regularly bustling and noisy downtown, closer to the sea, then Kalamaki (Alimos) is the ideal choice for your vacation. Known as one of the most beautiful southern suburbs of Athens, Kalamaki is ideally located just a few minutes from the centre of Athens and in walking distance from all the major beaches of Athens.

Kalamaki is the suburb that is closer to the sea and the beaches, and that makes it of course one of the most pricey places to buy a house, but if you are a visitor then you won’t have a similar problem, as the numerous hotels of the area do not have significantly higher prices than the ones in other parts of the city. What is most important is that you can actually find many hotels that offer very elegant and stylish guest rooms, in very affordable prices. All tastes and pockets can be accommodating here. Coral, Poseidon and many Best Western Hotels exist in Kalamaki, and their capacity is impressive. Same for their services, which are considered to be among the best in Athens. Most of the hotels offer rooms with panoramic view to the Saronic Gulf.

Kalamaki - AlimosAs a main district for the Athenians, and ideally located by the sea, Kalamaki, or Alimos as the Athenians call it, is the place where the largest nightclubs open in the summer months, with the most impressive dancing venues. Some of them work on the waterfront, occupying a part of the beaches, with large sofas and oriental designs ornamenting their ambience. Most of these clubs stay open all night long and it is not rare to find many groups of youngsters laying on the beaches, recovering from a long night in one of those places.

Restaurants and cafés also exist in abundance. Since Greeks adore tasting some of their fresh sea food by the sea, Kalamaki features some numerous sea food restaurants, offering local cuisine and international flavors in a more fusion way. There is nothing you cannot find in the area, even if you want a typical Greek souvlaki or a piece of cheese pie to bite while window shopping in one of the many malls in the Kalamaki district. If you travel without a partner, but don’t want to taste the foods alone, many sexy Athens escorts available in Kalamaki…

Kalamaki is the sailing hub of Athens and the main Marina for the savvy sailors and hundreds of tourists who come to Athens in order to rent a boat, sailing or cruiser and visit the islands of the nearby Saronic Gulf, or the more remote islands of the Aegean Sea. Kalamaki Marina is really gorgeous, housing thousands of charter boats, which offer not only a practical solution for vacation, but also a romantic scenery for those who choose to stroll along the marina, with their significant one, or just spend some quality time with their friends in one of the numerous cafés and restaurants of the area. For the sailors, electricity and water are provided all day long and a maze of charter companies and experienced professionals can help you with every request or need at any time.