Thessaloniki Travel

Thessaloniki is the second capital of Greece, the second largest city after Athens and of course the capital city of the Northern part of Greece. It is situated by the sea, giving access to the Aegean Sea , one of the main reason of its financial flourishing in the older years. Thessaloniki is considered a very beautiful city and that is why there is some kind of rivalry between the Athenians and the residents of Thessaloniki, who traditionally argue on which city is the most beautiful. That is actually up to the visitors to decide.

Thessaloniki features very interesting places to visit, both commercial and historical importance and is the ideal base for a series of excursions to nearby areas and regions in the entire Macedonia; for those who want to see the birthplace and base of Alexander the Great, there are several ways to visit the nearby city of Pella and the amazing archeological site of Vergina, where the tombs of Philippe, Alexander’s father were found and are kept in the museum along with several findings of the Golden Era of the Macedonian Empire.
Thessaloniki took its name because of Alexander’s sister, whose name was Thessaloniki. It is a place that you can visit all year long, as in every time of the year there is either some interesting festival going on, or there is just the unique color of this enchanting city that invites you to discover its secrets.

There is a myth that Thessaloniki actually enchants the visitors who don’t want to leave it; Is it the Sea and its breeze? Is it the vivid rhythm and the frantic nightlife? Is it the fact that residents of Thessaloniki are supposed to be among the most hospitable locals in Greece? Is it the food and the amazing wine? Nobody knows, but once you visit Thessaloniki, you always return.

Thessaloniki TravelThe trademark of Thessaloniki is the White Tower, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is a remain of the Turkish occupation and it was once a prison. Today it is a historical landmark and of course features one of the best cafés of the city offering a spectacular view. If visiting for the first time and you wish to see the city from above, visit the OTE tower, which is a rotating tower offering a magnificent view to the entire city and suburbs. There is a restaurant and bar at the higher floor where you can enjoy the view while relaxing and tasting some of the local specialties. Thessaloniki is supposed to offer some of the best food in Greece. Don’t miss by any chance the famous ‘koulouri’ and if you are into sweets the ‘trigono Panoramatos’ . These are excellent reasons to come back anyway!

Apart from the many sights to visit in the area, Thessaloniki is famous for its nightlife. If you want to see how Greeks got the reputation of avid party goers and all night dancing , drinking and singing, you can visit Ladadika and indulge into the traditional bouzouki music.

Thessaloniki hotels, resorts and apartments are available for tourists and visitors, both of leisure and corporate purposes. You can find whatever you need, as accommodation can satisfy all tastes and meet all requirements, for all budgets and pockets.