Travel to Greece

Greece is a truly majestic country rich of history and culture, natural and structural beauty as well as offering a wide variety of activities for travelers. Greece attracted more and more incoming travelers yearly. There are a lot of travel agents which offer travel packages to got o Greece. Most times, it is more convenient and practical for one to acquire of such package travel deals than to travel and do things on their own. Aside from convenience, there is also the issue of safety too.

Athens is the capital of Greece.  It is a city with so many things to do and it is easily accessible by train, bus, boat or air travel. More than half the total population of Greece lives in Athens which makes it one of the busiest place in the country. This congestion has also caused problems with traffic and pollution, but it doesn’t hinder the incoming flow its many patrons. Athens is actually one of the world’s oldest cities and the act of mere walking its Agora or Acropolis can send shivers knowing you are on sacred historical grounds. Now, Athens is constantly developing keeping with pace with technology and the new generation. New infrastructures arise while those of historic values are renovated. Athens is now a place of contrasting blend of old and new civilizations.

Greece has many beautiful islands to offer travelers. One of it is Evia which is the second largest island, Crete being the first. Due to the variety of places to go at Evia, one will find that a few days is simply not enough to go about touring the island. It is also very near Athens, that’s why during summer weekends; Evia is packed by travelers coming from the capital. By boat, Evia takes about thirty minutes to reach coming from Rafina or Marmari. Since Evia is a big island, using a car to explore it is advisable. The Natural Hot Spring Resort which is situated at Edipsos is certainly an amazing tourist destination. There are almost a hundred hot springs here and several spas which most of the elderly Greek citizens go to revitalize themselves with beliefs that the hot springs have healing powers. Here the practice of water healing, modern and ancient therapies all combine.

Greece TravelFor a smaller island adventure, Elafonissos might be the ideal choice. This is located very near the town of Neapolis in the Laconikos Gulf and boasts of the widely preferred most beautiful beaches in Greece. There are several fish taverns situated in this small island and it has become a favorite place for yachters to go to. From this island, Neapolis is only a short fifteen minute ride coming from its eastern tip which is Peloponessos.

Greece vacation is a treat to culture, history, clear waters, beautiful and natural sceneries, nightlife, food and numerous activities. Before embarking on your Greece travel tour, do some research to know more about the place, where you will stay and what you will do to fully enjoy your vacation and get your money’s worth.