Travel to Bursa

Bursa is a beautiful city in north-western Turkey. If you are looking for a holiday spot for you and your family and you would prefer a place that would have something for everyone in your family, look no further than Bursa in Turkey, simply because no other place on Earth could match up so perfectly to your requirement. The city has various attractions you are expecting for famed historical places, picturesque gardens and parks, mouth-watering cuisine, alluring shopping bazaars, world-class hotels, action-packed sporting facilities, rocking nightclubs, and exotic Turkish baths known as Hamams. With so much on offer, could you possibly ask for more? It would be interesting to note that the place is also commonly known as “Green Bursa” due to the extensive foliage all around it; there are gardens and parks galore. It is also the principal fruit growing region of Turkey which is another reason for the city to be associated with all things green!

Bursa TurkeyFrom a purely historical perspective, Bursa is one of the most richly endowed cities. In fact, no visit to Bursa is complete without a visit to the Yesil Cami, which is also known as the Green Mosque; thanks to the dark green tiles covering the walls of the inner vestibule of the mosque, as well as the blue-green mosaic of tiles on the walls and ceilings of the eyvans of the mosque. There is also the Ulu Camii or the Great Mosque which is definitely worth much more than just a dekko, especially because of the 192 wall inscriptions, hand-written by renowned calligraphers, on the interiors of the mosque. You would also not like to miss the Ottoman Museum, which offers a wonderfully descriptive perspective of the Ottoman way of life.

Industries form an integral part of the economy of Bursa; the Turkish operations of most MNCs in the country are located here. As far as your own shopping goes, Bursa will surely not let you down as it has a veritable range of markets where you can shop. There is the famed Koza Han bazaar, specializing in silk manufacturers, which is located next to the Ulu Camii. There is also the covered bazaar, Bedesten, which you should add to your must visit list whenever you are in Bursa, however, immune you maybe to shopping! It has been said that any visitor to this bazaar will find it completely impossible to leave empty handed!

You can never run out of entertainment options while in Bursa. The famed Hamams (Turkish Baths) are an experience really not to be missed. The best part of Bursa to go for this would be ăekirge. There is also a ski resort at Uludag, extremely popular amongst the local Turkish populace as well as foreigners from various parts of the world. To entertain your taste buds, you simply must try the Iskender kebap, a Turkish delicacy made from slices of grilled lamb dressed in tomato sauce and browned butter. Candied chestnuts are also a local delicacy here.