Turkey Travel Treats

Turkey is truly a unique country offering different experiences to its visitors. A place rich in cultural history, a Turkey travel may prove to be unforgettable for those who may want to embark on it.

There are many attractions to see when in Turkey and it is a must that visitors make efforts to see some if not a lot of these sights. Istanbul, although not the capital of Turkey is a wonderful place to visit which can actually take a visitor traveling through time knowing about Turkey’s historic past. Istanbul is also the gateway connecting Europe to Asia.

Istanbul showcases a wide array of bazaars offering various types of items coming from all over. A traveler could go through these bazaars for several days and still not have enough time to see all or even most of the items for sale. Istanbul also features a gigantic storage facility for water which was built way back 532. This is called the Basilica Cistern and is one of the popular attractions of Istanbul and all of Turkey as well.

Located in Anatolia is the spectacular Cappadocia. The terrain in this region of the land is made from volcanic origin eroded by hundreds of years of weather which accounts for its strange shapes. It was later on carved by the inhabitants in the area to make churches, home and other structures. Its history of structure craving dates back to almost three thousand BC and is still ongoing at present time. During the summer and winter days, weather temperatures can be extremely hot or cold. This is the reason why its population since ancient times preferred to live inside caves and there are still some who still do. There are some pension houses situated in this area which offer unique accommodations and experience from amazing landscapes to rooms carved for gigantic rock formations or faces of cliffs. In ancient times, these cliff settlements were perfect to protect locals from invaders. Aside from being easily built, it was hard to reach and it lasted for long period of time.

Olimpos is another destination spot for a Turkey travel. Very odd but magnificent things can be experienced in this part of the region. On one of its mountainsides, situated is the Chimera or know as the Eternal Flames. It is a cave like rock formation with some natural gases coming which ignites upon contact with the atmosphere outside producing fire. It’s like an automatic enormous cooking stove. For several centuries, people have used it for navigational purpose during travel. And yes, for a long, long time, its inhabitants live in tree houses. Now, the further construction of tree houses have halted due to law implementations for safety purposes, but the tree houses which exists are still there as a reminder of the diverse cultures of Turkey.

A travel to Turkey is quite diverse in terms of experiences, sights, historic and cultural aspect, activities as well as available accommodations. These are just some of the important destination spots which you may consider to visit during your exciting Turkey travel adventure.