Plastic Surgery UK

Being pretty and charming is something people want and need to get attention for those they are love. To get that attention, some people are willing to do some surgery to beautify their body so that it can make them prettier and more attractive than the others. The most used surgery to make their dream comes true is by doing cosmetic surgery. In UK itself, there are so many people doing the cosmetic surgery and it is not only done by women, but also men. The cosmetic surgery itself is a type of surgery used to change a person’s appearance to achieve what they perceive to be more desirable and it is different from the plastic surgery which is repair damaged tissue for injury or illness.

In UK, there are some popular plastic surgery treatments done by people there. in comparison between men and women, the main subject of cosmetic surgery is doing by women by 45,365 woman doing it in 2013 while men only 4,757 people doing it. From those surgeries, the most done surgery is on the breast augmentation which is done by more than eleven thousand women do that. Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure to increase size and shape of breast as the client need. Some people do that surgery under some reasons such as to enlarge breasts from the one who has naturally small size of breasts; to restore the shape of breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding; it is also done to restore the shape of breasts after having surgery on breast cancer.

Besides breasts augmentation surgery, some people do different type of cosmetic surgery which is eyelid surgery which has been done by more than 7 thousand women in 2013. This surgery is a cosmetic surgery which is improves the appearance of upper or lower part of eyelids. This kind of surgery can be done in certain conditions such as loosing skin that creates folds or disturbs on the eyelids, bags under the eyes, or wrinkle on the lower eyelids so can make the person better looking.

The next popular plastic surgery in UK is the neck lift surgery. This surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery which is to modify the appearance of someone’s neck to avoid the noticeable sign of aging. The procedure of doing the neck lifting surgery is by removing some part of the neck. The procedure on doing that is by removing the excess skin, then removing or altering neck muscle, removing the excess fat, and the last is Botox injections.

Another popular type of plastic surgery is the breast reduction surgery which is done by more than four thousand women. This surgery is to remove some excess breasts fat, glandular tissue, and skin to get a proportional size of breasts the client wants. This surgery is done by those who have overly sized breasts that they found difficulty having it. In UK itself, the breasts reduction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic ever done even more popular than fat transfer surgery.