Abu Dhabi Stores

Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is just becoming a competitor of the much larger and richer Dubai emirate in terms of stores and overall touristic attractions. The city has started its growth a couple of years ago, thanks to all the foreign investors and of course the local finance, Abu Dhabi today is well worth visiting when it comes to shopping and checking out the local offer of all sorts of international stores. Let us see, what Abu Dhabi shopping experience can offer for us though some of its most popular shopping malls.

Due to its hot climate throughout the year, Abu Dhabi shopping experience is mainly consisting of shopping malls and different souks. In the past decade, Abu Dhabi has raised multiple huge shopping malls, out of which, it is the Marina Mall and the Abu Dhabi Mall that can be enlisted as the two most popular shopping malls of Abu Dhabi.

Let us see what Marina Mall can offer for us and where we can find it.

Marina Mall is located at one of the most beautiful areas of Abu Dhabi. Marina Mall has its very own peninsula called the Marina Village, a huge holiday and entertainment complex, that can be found near the downtown and touristic area of the city. The huge mall consists of more than 200 stores, various catering entities of all class and an entertainment centre, which includes an ice rink, a bowling club and a multiplex cinema centre. The 5 level shopping centre is for sure to suit everyone’s requirements, offering the vast choice all sorts of high profile brand stores such as Chanel, Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi or Ermenegildo Zegna. There is a huge store of Marks & Spencer here and also you can find all the best urban wear brand stores such as Mango, H&M, Tod’s, Mexx, Next and so many more. There are several department stores and supermarkets located within this huge mall, such as Paris Gallery: an elite brand store housing and offering multiple fashion brands, cosmetics, footwear and accessories to the customers, Carrefour, a large hypermarket chain offering all sorts of goods from textile to grocery to the shoppers and the Abu Dhabi Cooperative, which is also a hypermarket having similar choice of goods on offer as Carrefour does. For those wanting to see something unique, including especially the UK nationals, there is a new store that has opened in the Marina Mall recently called Manchester City FC store which houses lots of team related relics and basic fashion items, such as T-shirts for all fans of Manchester United. The huge Marina mall is located in front of Emirates Palace Holiday Complex and Hilton Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Mall
Abu Dhabi Mall is also a downtown – located shopping mall being just on the other side of the huge Abu Dhabi touristic area, also located beachside in the neighbourhood of prestigious installments such as the German Embassy, Le Meridien Hotel and another smaller shopping mall, the Khalifa Commercial Complex. This downtown mall is one of the first shopping malls of the capital city and its still one of the largest visited shopping centres, thanks to its situation and its large number of Abu Dhabi stores it is housing. A choice of stores within the mall ranges from first class luxury items till the everyday urban wear. You can find a huge variety of stores here from electronics to furniture; you can buy everything in Abu Dhabi Mall. It is especially offered to look at the offers of some of the very best jewelleries of the United Arab Emirates in the store of Areej also check out the huge perfume offer of Abu Dhabi’s own brand Faces.

Abu Dhabi Corniche area has also some other great shopping malls, such as the Al Khaleej Shopping Mall, which you should visit, having a large range of fashion stores for men and women and a nice restaurant and entertainment area as well. When you are here, you will see that Abu Dhabi shopping experience is a rich one, so do not miss out on it.