Abu Dhabi Tennis

With the inauguration of the Capitala World Tennis championship in Abu Dhabi’s famous Abu Dhabi International Tennis Complex, people will have an additional cause to remember Abu Dhabi (apart from its oil production, wealth, and wonderful shopping complexes). Starting from 2009, the tennis championship will be held here, every year in the month of January, bringing in a huge flow of tourists to witness the exciting Abu Dhabi Tennis tournament.

The aim of the Capitala World Tennis Championship event is to raise awareness among the people of this county about tennis. Another significant objective is to generate interest in the game of tennis and encourage people to build up a healthy lifestyle (which would prove to be a benefit in the long run) by practicing tennis as a health sport.

The inaugural championship was a three-day event, which was held in Abu Dhabi from the 1st to 3rd of January 2009. Six of the world’s top ten male tennis players, including Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer  and Andy Murray, had competed in the event, which had a prize money of US$250,000 for the winner. Andy Murray walked away with the inaugural championship and the prize money.

Abu Dhabi TennisThe three day tournament had other items of interest for the spectators and visitors. The Capitala World Tennis Championship was Abu Dhabi’s first major tennis tournament. It attracted a large number of visitors from all over the country as well as from other Gulf countries. All the tickets for the Abu Dhabi Tennis tournament were sold out well before the event. Apart from the interest in the championship expressed by the spectators, there were other items that aroused their curiosity like player autograph sessions, and other fun-filled activities for the entire families.  As a result of the tournament, Abu Dhabi tennis enthusiasts throughout have evinced keen interest in the game. Many of them had signed up as volunteers to assist officials during the match.

The Women’s Abu Dhabi Tennis Association too is believed to be negotiating with Abu Dhabi Sports Council about a possibility of staging a major tournament in Abu Dhabi. However, there is no official communication and in any case the earliest the event can take place is 2010. The WTA has evinced interest as The Middle East looked very promising for the growth of women’s tennis.

The General Secretary of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Mr. Mohd. al Mahmoud had revealed that the council was desirous of conducting a world class tennis tournament for popularizing Abu Dhabi tennis. Their main idea was to start a women’s tournament and then put forward a proposal to the Association of Tennis Professionals about including a men’s event.

The Abu Dhabi Tennis Club is encouraging beginners and experienced players in their tennis tournaments. Their main aim is to promote the game of tennis and spread tennis culture, not only in Abu Dhabi, but also in the entire United Arab Emirates. They conduct tennis tournaments called tennis evenings every week and the best player is selected through seven games by rotation of players. Every year a Senior Championship is organized for the Men’s and Ladies’ Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles competitions. These tournaments take place every month from September to May.

Abu Dhabi Tennis Group is a new tennis group, which was started in 2007 and their duties are entirely voluntary. The primary objective of this group is to make tennis a popular sport in the city of Abu Dhabi. They provide opportunities to their members to participate in different tennis activities, tournaments, and competitions throughout the year. Moreover, the Abu Dhabi Tennis Group provides substantial discounts on tennis coaching by a professional coach trained in USA.