Marina Mall Tower Abu Dhabi

The Marina Mall Tower is a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi next to the Abu Dhabi Mall. It is the fifth largest mall in the United Arab Emirates. The Marina Mall is very beautifully located in the Water Breaker Area next to the Corniche Hotel and about 1 km. away from the Corniche which is a popular place. The Marina Mall has more than 400 shops with four supermarkets and two hypermarkets. The famed mall sells everything from the smallest pin to the world’s best car. All the international brands are available here and you have a scope for wide selection. The Marina Mall Tower is owned by the National Investment Corporation.

The Marina Mall Tower is expected to become a premium shopping destination in Abu Dhabi. The Marina Mall is undergoing a lot of changes to accommodate more shops and make the place less crowded. Plans are on for a revolving sky tower, which when completed, would be definitely destined to become one of the major tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi. Many visitors agree that the Marina Mall Tower in Abu Dhabi is the best place to shop. This Abu Dhabi shopping venue has become extremely popular with the tourists and visitors ,as it just a stone’s throw from the beach at Corniche.

The Marina Mall Tower contains a 9 screen cinema hall which is popular as Cinestar Cinema. The mall boasts a bowling alley, a number of cafes, restaurants, and eateries. There is also a food court near the children’s arcade. These restaurants offer you some of the best cuisine available in Abu Dhabi. The availability of the cinema hall and restaurants is very strategic. You can let your wife do the shopping while you can take in a movie or two. Or for that matter you could sample the cuisine of a couple of restaurants. You will definitely not regret the decision.

An indoor ski slope which is being constructed is nearing completion. The Marina Mall has open and covered parking facilities. It is estimated that about 1.2 million visitors come to the mall every month. The Marina Mall Tower has launched a non-smoking campaign which was adopted and supported by its visitors. The Mall has only a few selected cafes and restaurants which provide a smoking zone.

The Marina Mall Tower is a perfect place for you to spend some time with your family. It is also an ideal place for people who would like to do serious shopping. The Mall has wonderful ambience and it is neat and well maintained.  The Marina Mall Tower provides customers with the opportunity of winning a chance to fly round Abu Dhabi in a helicopter. If you are luckier than that you could drive off in an Audi. The luck may be all yours.

The Mall is open 7 days of the week from 10.00 am. to 10.00 pm. If you are in Abu Dhabi, you should adopt this attitude and listen to what others have to tell you while you contemplate a good bit of shopping. Shop till you drop. You could give it a try.