Abu Dhabi at Night

Abu Dhabi is highly regarded as one of the richest city in the world today as well as being luxuriously glamorous. One could only marvel at its high rising infrastructures, shopping malls and elegant hotels. It is situated in the desert yet able to provide the comforts of city living as well as beach life. Abu Dhabi is the island capital of the United Arab Emirates or UAE for short. It also boasts of numerous top rated restaurants and an invigorating Abu Dhabi nightlife.

The kind of entertainment Abu Dhabi offers is a little different like the nightlife in Europe. Most of the bars and nightclubs are situated inside hotels and some bigger hotels are actually equipped with almost anything one could ever want to have a good time at night. Modern live venues for performances are available in contrast with the traditional sisha caf├ęs which gives a visitor a glimpse of true Arabic culture. Abu Dhabi is a place where hospitality and warm greetings to visitors is common which makes it a comfortable place to visit.

Abu Dhabi at NightAlmost everything related to nightlife can be found inside the hotels in Abu Dhabi. This is because by law, only establishments inside hotels are allowed to serve alcohol which means that these are the only places you can actually have a drink. The legal age for drinking in Abu Dhabi is twenty one but most bars won’t actually ask buying customers. The main means of transportation in Abu Dhabi is by renting a car, owning one or taxi only. Taxis aren’t hard to find and usually readily available near the hotel entrance.

Although Abu Dhabi is stricken with strict implementation of laws and cultural values, its nightlife offer a wide array of sensual pleasures depending on what visitors want. From erotic dancers, sensual massage parlors and Abu Dhabi escorts, nightlife in Abu Dhabi is not complete without them. There are agencies available which offer female escorts of different ethnicities and backgrounds. From highly sophisticated models, actresses to common people or students, these agencies have them all. Agencies offering escort services usually offer legitimate services of companionship usually as tour guides or business assistants which mean they are not breaking any law, what happens beyond that is simply the concession of the escort and the client itself. Most people would want a companion as they pass the night away going form bar to bar having a good time. Trying to prepare to figure out which escort agency can offer you an escort of your choice might be a good idea.

Live music, DJs, dancing with the mesmerizing modern lights with your escort or companion gives one an exciting nightlife experience. But nightlife in Abu Dhabi does not have room for gambling. There is no casino anywhere to be found and laws against it are strictly implemented. Abu Dhabi offers an exhilarating nightlife with adult entertainment without gambling and although it may seem wild, going out to town for a stimulating party experience is pretty much as safe as it can get.