Abu Dhabi Hotels

Considered as one of the best cities in the world, Abu Dhabi is becoming a favorite of travelers and it is gaining popularity as a tourist destination. Due to the increase in its tourism industry, the city’s succession of hotels also has risen in number. Luxury hotels of various types are found all over Abu Dhabi some of which are known to be the most elegant in the world today. Different types of hotels with a variety of amenities and services offering guests the time of their lives. Some hotels have luxurious spa facilities, others are resort types and there are also the golf resort hotels.

The most luxurious of the hotels in Abu Dhabi are also categorized into several classifications which are the golf resort hotels, luxury spa hotels, luxury romantic hotels and luxury business hotels, each one offering special services and facilities specific to their clientele’s needs and requirements.

For guests who want to pamper themselves and indulge in the rejuvenation of their physical well being, having their vacation in a spa resort is perfect. Here they are able to enjoy facilities dedicated to one’s physical and mental wellness and also be able to relax well. For those who are into the sport of golf, Golf luxury hotels are best which have its own golf courses for the guests to play on or watch a game.

There are also special luxury hotels which are inspired by the theme of romance. These hotels usually caters to the guests who are on vacation for their honeymoon or just couples who want to take a break for their usual routines at home and just be alone to spend special moments.

Abu Dhabi also has hotels which is perfect for business people who are usually frequent travelers requiring quick and easy access to different routes from city to city or other countries. These luxury hotels specially designed for business have all the facilities business people need like conference halls of various sizes. Business centers with various types of equipment needed for communications and transactions are readily available to anyone in need. These hotels also have out going phone line and internet connections available in rooms for the guests to maintain their communications.

One of the popular hotels in the city is the Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi. The hotel is located in the central part of the city and easily accessible form the international airport. This hotel is luxurious and lavishly adorned to international standards making it a must to see when in Abu Dhabi.

Rotana Beach Hotel Abu DhabiA hotel which represents true Arabic hospitality and culture is the Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers. Situated near the Arabian Sea, this majestic luxury hotel also includes the Abu Dhabi Trade Center Complex in its grounds. The hotel is a contrast and blending combination of the modern world and traditional culture. Its amenities provide guests with almost whatever type of service they need.

There are numerous hotels in Abu Dhabi which offer great ambience, comfort and services of various kinds. Are you traveling on business, romance, pleasure or perhaps a sporting activity? Abu Dhabi hotels can provide you with the type of accommodation you need.