Tourist Attractions

Abu Dhabi is an attractive city which is considered to be one of the best and most modern cities in the world. The contrast of historic and cultural landmarks against the modern infrastructures blend well in common ground which is Abu Dhabi. There are numerous tourist attractions which are essential for visitors to see when in Abu Dhabi to truly get a feel of its culture.

Within the Al Jail Fort is the largest museum Abu Dhabi has to offer. The museum is divided into two sections; one is dedicated to historical artifacts while the other is for the ethnological aspects. Various types of relics and historic items are in this museum which offers visitors the chance to know more about Abu Dhabi’s historic past.

For those who want to view some of the Arabian world’s wildlife like the Oryx, aside from other wildlife collection from other parts of the world, a visit to the Al Aim Zoo and Aquarium is highly recommended.
One of the oldest standing structures in Abu Dhabi is the Al Hosni Fort or also known as the White Fort. Photo exhibits and showcase of artifacts are the usual attractions inside its walls at its Cultural Foundation. Other cultural activities such music concerts and recitals, film festivals and art related activities are usually held here.
One of Arabia’s largest oases is also a famous Abu Dhabi attraction. It is situated about five miles away from the city by car and visitors can enjoy the swimming pools with fresh water and a view of the plantations growing dates.

For travelers who want to experience the natural beauties of Abu Dhabi, taking a trip to Jabil Haft would prove to be and exciting activity. It is actually a mountain in the desert offering different sights of flora and fauna. A hot spring resort is also situated in this tourist attraction and there are also caves and other archeological sites and excavations to see and marvel at.

Heritage VillageTo know more about the Bedouin’s life and heritage as well as other cultures, try to go to the Heritage Village. At this popular attraction spot, one can see mud-brick house replicas, mosques and a souk. There are also Bedouin tents, fishing villages, palm houses and other shops where one can buy local items usually not available anywhere else in the world. The Heritage Village is managed by the Emirates Heritage Club.

Located near the Cornice is the Clock Tower. This is said to be one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular landmarks. Just near to this is another landmark of equal fame is a two hundred year old structure known as the Mata Bridge Fort. The fort is situated near other old structures which make it an important historic attraction to visitors.

Abu Dhabi has a lot of other attractions to offer its visitors and mentioned here are just some. It is the crossroad of old and new in a city rich with cultural heritage. Different Abu Dhabi attractions are available to visitors to see and enjoy during a vacation in this magnificent city