Bahrain Attractions

Looking for an amazing family friendly vacation destination? Don’t look any further than the exotic location of Bahrain! Blessed with a warm climate, good sun exposure, and a variety of historical and adventure attractions, there is a little something for everyone. There are several featured arts and crafts attractions, sure to delight those of all ages who participate. For the history, Bahrain  boasts several historic sites and attractions, some available with guided tours. In addition, for the whole family, there are several large and well-equipped amusement and adventure parks. After all, there is nothing like a day of fun in Bahrain!

Bahrain AttractionMost of Bahrain’s attractions are well within the normal vacationer’s budget, just some of them are highly priced. There are a wide range of restaurants and other dining venues for both the formal and the casual diner, serving all sorts of local and foreign cuisine. The main streets are lined with brightly lit shops, allowing a vacationing couple to stroll hand in hand and simply enjoy the atmosphere. Even with the volatile political climate in the Middle East in these modern times, there is no evidence of anything but a busting country and a vacation destination worth the wait.

A highlight to Bahrain’s featured theme park is its newest family adventure park, the amazing Adhari Park. This park is brand new and sits adjacent to the Bahrain’s Adhari National Park. It spans over 165,000 square meters, and goes over the top to provide a complete action packed luxury experience for the whole family. With 38 new and exciting outdoor and indoor rides for people of all ages, it also boasts a Family Entertainment Centre where everyone can have the best experience possible together. Ten different restaurants at the Food Court strive to serve all of your needs in one central location; if you seek lighter fare, try out one of the many coffee shops and mobile food and desert carts throughout the park.

Bahrain also has one of the most amazing experiences up for grabs when you visit the Bahrain Dolphin Park. Complete with several animal shows, this park offers customers a chance to actually take a swim with trained dolphins. The animal trainers are on hand to answer questions, explain a little more about dolphins, and show a few tricks you might not have caught at the five o’clock show. Also at the top of the list is the Al-Alreen Wildlife Park, where a tour winds through the sprawling one hundred thousand square meters to display several severely endangered species as well as some popular local wildlife.

Also listed among Bahrain’s attractions is the Rally Town. No matter your age or your experience level, if you want to get into some serious, go-kart racing, this is the place for you, no question about it. Therefore, whether it is a vacation you are after or the time of your life, there is no better place to look for it than beautiful sunny Bahrain.