Bahrain Villas & Properties

Kingdom of Bahrain is primarily an archipelago of 33 islands situated in the Gulf of Arabia. On these islands, catering the basic needs of an ever increasing population is indeed a challenging task, particularly when it comes to housing. Over the last couple of years, Bahrain real estate market has witnessed an unprecedented growth. Bahrain government has undertaken numerous excavation projects to improve the extent of available residential area to its citizens, thereby opening up numerous options to invest in Bahrain real estate sector. Other reasons encouraging the idea of investing in Bahrain among foreigners include the extensive use of English and the relaxation of property ownership laws for foreigners in Bahrain allowing expatriates to own a property. Interestingly, one need not take a back step with respect to global meltdown as there has been a very little impact of ongoing economic crisis in Bahrain due to excellent financial policies.

Tala and Lagoon islands are a couple of man made islands within Amwaj islands that are considered as the best places for real estate investment in Bahrain. These islands are located towards the north coast of Muharraq Islands. Apart from these, other potential sites of investment in Bahrain include the Wardeh, Hamama, Dalphene, Najmah and Farasha Island.

A variety of real estate properties are offered in Bahrain that that include luxury Bahrain villas and individual apartments. Built with modern-day infrastructure, these Bahrain villas offer excellent features keeping in view the convenience of the residents. These villas offer a good family living with luxury and comfort. Most of the villas provide the basic furnishings like refrigerator, air-conditioner and dish washer. Awards are presented to villas that offer excellent features. This encourages landlords to include marvelous features. Villas offer a modern kitchen, study room, TV and laundry room, wonderful courtyard, roof terrace for pleasant evenings. In addition, majority of the Bahrain villas either have a private or shared pool, gym, tennis court giving prime importance to recreational facilities. As the islands are located on the beach front, most of the Bahrain villas and apartments even offer a panoramic view of the gulf.

Owning a property in Bahrain eases the process of obtaining residency visa for expatriates, as it is essential to own a property not less than BD 50,000. To own a property that is worth of the investments made, right approach is essential. There are numerous real estate companies out there to help you in finding a perfect place to own property at the cost of some commission. The other available option to obtain information is using several property websites that offer information for free or through some minimal registration charge.

Bahrain VillasDepending on how much you can afford Bahrain villas are available in various sizes and styles. Those who cannot make huge investments but have flair to reside in villas, they are even available for renting. Some landlords even provide excellent interior d├ęcor. However, the rent varies accordingly. Finding a villa to rent is very easy as there are numerous web sites that offer information along with attractive pictures. The landlords demand good maintenance of the property. Rental costs for the villas are decided by including the utility bills for electricity and water. Bahrain villas rents depend on the available amenities and luxury and can be as high as BD1800. With vast features offered Bahrain villas are within the reach of schools, shopping complexes etc making the daily living easy.

In conclusion, in the midst of the growing economy and numerous ventures being undertaken by both government and private investors, it is the right time to get hold of Bahrain villas, if you want to enjoy the sound of waves splashing in your backyard and also take pleasure of the rich and sophisticated gulf life style.