Juffair Bahrain

Bahrain is a small but wealthy nation. Manama is the capital of the nation. Juffair Bahrain is located in Manama. The land mass that forms Juffair is actually a part of the sea bed that has been reclaimed. It has so been developed, that the land no longer looks like it has been reclaimed from sea. The reclamation of Juffair Bahrain has increased the coast line of Bahrain by two kilometers to the east. There are a great number of star hotels, villas, flats and restaurants in the area. It forms one of the tourist spot of Bahrain.

The major attraction of Juffair is the Al Fateh Mosque, the largest mosque of Bahrain. The term Juffair Bahrain dates back to 1935. It represents the name of British naval installation, known as HMS JUFFAIR. There are a great number of government as well as non-governmental organizations in Juffair Bahrain. They include – the office of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Central Informatics Organization, Bahrain society of Engineers, etc. The Bahrain School and Modern Knowledge School located in Juffair indicate the awareness of the residents about importance of education.

Juffair BahrainTo cater to the needs of the tourists, Juffair Bahrain hosts a great number of restaurants in the Al Shabab Road. For the convenience of the tourists, there are many retail shops, like Mc Donald’s, Chili’s, Dairy Queen, Starbuck’s, etc. Coffee at Starbuck’s is so good and full of flavor, that everybody loves to have it as they pass by the store. The Murjan Shopping Center at the entrance of Juffair has a large supermarket, restaurant, post office and coffee Been Tree Leaf coffee shop.

In addition to the shopping malls and restaurants, there is an American Naval Support center in Juffair Bahrain. Its positioning provides tourists an easy access to other suburbs in Manama. It is very easy to visit Zinj, the international circus and Al-Saboor Mosque. It even provides access to Seef, another piece of reclaimed land. Seef too is known for many shopping malls and five-star hotels. Almoayyed tower, the tallest building in Bahrain is nearby to visit.

The major attraction that makes Juffair Bahrain very popular is its pulsating nightlife and the abundance of night clubs. The city never sleeps. Shopping malls are excellent locations to make any purchases. With great many number of attractions, Juffair Bahrain forms a major tourist destination that demands the establishment of good quality hotels. The most popular hotel in Juffair is the Ramee suits 2 Amenities. The hotel staff shows excellent hospitality to the visitors from the minute they enter the hotel. Hotel offers pick-up and drop services to airport free of cost. The hotel provides excellent facilities in rooms. They offer round the clock services to their customers.  Other popular hotels in the area include Al-Safir Tower Hotel, Best Western Juffair Hotel and the Frasan plaza.

Juffair Bahrain, being part of Manama can be reached very easily by international tourists. It is very near to Bahrain International Airport. As most of the international flights operate until Manama, tourists can reach Juffair by land route. Being a very small nation there is no concept of domestic flights.