Riffa – Bahrain

Located in the central part of the kingdom of Bahrain, Riffa Bahrain is a favorite tourist place for golf players. It is separated into two parts – East Riffa and West Riffa. East Riffa is a major tourist attraction compared to west Riffa, which comprises of residential areas, except for the clock tower that is located in the center of the city. Towns in Riffa Bahrain include the Madinat Hamad and the Hamad Town.

Major attractions seen in East Riffa include the Riffa fort and the Riffa Golf club. Riffa Fort also known as, Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fateh Fort used to be the hub for all governmental activities till 1869. Construction of the Riffa fort dates to 1812. It is very spacious and divided into chambers. One can experience the winds that blow over the desert sands during nights at Riffa Fort.

Riffa BahrainTourists, who visit Riffa Bahrain, should not neglect to visit the Riffa Golf club that is situated in a beautiful wadi. This is the only place in Bahrain that offers training in golf. There is a beautiful shopping street named Riffa Bazaar. Foreigners can have a wonderful shopping experience by obtaining high quality goods at reasonably low prices in this bazaar. They can purchase sovereigns that can be given as gift to their loved ones or can be had as a remembrance to their visit to Riffa Bahrain. Riffa Views, an ongoing venture is an excellent residential and commercial area. The area is supposed to include international schools, commercial districts, and supermarkets. It opens access to Royal Women’s University. Lulu Hyper market and the Bukuwara street market are located in East Riffa. The idea to include schools and universities in newly emerging areas of the city clearly highlights the intention of this city to improve its educational standards and be able to meet the stringent job requirements.

West Riffa is primarily a residential area, with huge number of excellent villas, apartments, shopping malls, and hotels like Al Bander Hotel and resort. The Hotel offers all amenities to make the stay at their hotel a wonderful experience. Major sports in Bahrain are conducted in the National Stadium located in the western part of Riffa Bahrain. Members of the ruling government family, ministers, and other high ranking families, like business investors, live in west Riffa.

Most of the citizens of Riffa Bahrain are Sunni Muslims. The official languages that are spoken include Arabic, English, Farsi, and Urdu. The ability of the natives to speak and understand English efficiently, along with some of the best tourist destinations, makes Riffa Bahrain one of the major tourist attractions. As in rest of Bahrain, the traditions and customs are given prime importance. Greetings are offered in a respectful manner. Major foods consumed include fish, meat, and rice. The increasing number of infrastructure projects and the booming field of construction, offers excellent job opportunities to construction workers. Very little or no importance is given to night life in this place. There are very few hotels and restaurants in Riffa Bahrain. It is quickly developing to meet the needs of tourists as well as those of the natives.