Moda Mall Bahrain

Bahrain, a small wealthy nation located in the Middle East region, has many places to visit making it an attractive tourist spot. To offer its visitors a great shopping experience a great number of shopping malls are located in the capital city of Manama and in other major cities. Moda Mall is one among those plush shopping malls in Bahrain that offers a simply amazing shopping experience to visitors. It is connected to the Sheraton Bahrain Hotel. It is situated in the ground floor of Bahrain World Trade Center giving an ultimate shopping experience to the customers. Moda mall operates from 8:30am to 12:30am and 3:30pm to 8:00pm from Saturday to Thursday. Bahrain weekend is Friday and Saturday.

Moda Mall has put Bahrain in the world fashion map for the first time, featuring some of the most sought after luxury retailers and international brands at one place. The mall houses more than 160 exclusive boutiques that offer products from popular brands like Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Cavalli and Kenzo. The availability of various brands makes it an important competitor for other fashion capitals like London, Milan and Paris. In addition to fine clothing, Moda Mall even offers a wide variety of highly popular jewelry brands such as De Beers, Tiffany and co., Boucheron, and Chanel jewels. The mall also serves as an excellent venue for the retailers to strengthen their presence in Bahrain market. In addition, there are stores inside the Moda Mall pertaining to various categories like accessories, perfumes, sports related goods, shoes, and children designer wear.

Moda Mall BahrainThe architectural design of Moda Mall is highly attractive with a glass-domed entrance, cool marble floors and brushed steel that give the mall a tremendous appearance. The unique design and concept of the mall traps all the elements of wind, water, motion and the veil. In addition, the combination of the trade center and the shopping mall creates a unique location present nowhere else in the kingdom. Due to its strategic location, Moda Mall is well-connected with other prominent market places in the Manama City including the famous Souk market that provides a unique shopping experience to visitors. Market places and shopping malls are the busiest areas during the weekends. Moda Mall offers a great variety of services to its visitors.

Being located centrally, Moda Mall attracts a huge number of visitors during weekends. To keep them engaged, a variety of recreational services are offered, particularly for kids. Services like mall guide that gives information about the various shops and their location in the mall. Directories showing the location of various stores within the mall are presented at convenient locations. The help desk offers services to the customers. They even help you out in identification of lost goods. Mall offers gift cards that can be used within the mall. They can be purchased and offered as a gift to the loved ones. In addition to shopping, the mall also offers to dine in a pleasant way.

Moda mall is one of those modern shopping complexes that aim to redefine the meaning of fashion retailing by providing a unique cosmopolitan shopping experience to its fashion-savvy customers.