Seef Mall Bahrain

In Bahrain, shopping malls are the best places to hang out during evenings and nights. Famous among these shopping centers is the Seef Mall Bahrain, considered as one of the most prestigious malls in the country offering a comprehensive and quality shopping experience, apart from housing some of the most exclusive international brands available around.

Seef Mall Bahrain is located in Seef district of Bahrain, which is one of the most rapidly expanding residential and commercial districts in the country with budding villas, resorts, hotels, banking firms and other businesses. Being located in a highly residential area, the mall receives huge traffic every day. With its reverberating surroundings and unmatched ambience, Seef Mall Bahrain caters the needs of local as well as international tourists.

Inside the Seer Mall Bahrain, there are around 40 stores, seven department stores and over 300 outlets that provide visitors an outstanding shopping experience offering a wide range of products from some of the famous brands around the world. In addition, there are also 21 different categories of stores are seen inside the mall dedicated for products such as jewelry, optical stores, cosmetics, shoes, electronics, and banks.

Seef Mall BahrainFor the convenience of its visitors, Seef Mall Bahrain offers abundant amenities, in addition to the shopping stores. Prominent among these are the two food courts that serve various national and international delicacies. Moreover, there are two cinema multiplexes that house sixteen movie screens. Apart from these, other facilities include 10 restrooms that are accessible even to handicaps and 3 exclusive rooms for baby care. Apart from being one of most prestigious shopping destinations in Bahrain, Seef Mall Bahrain is also known for the entertainment services it offers, particularly for children. Inside the Seer Mall Bahrain, there is a Magic island where kids can hang out enjoying a variety rides and games provided. This gives a complete family satisfaction as kids can enjoy while elders get their shopping done.

Seef mall site serves as best place for retail businesses as well as who wish to explore the site before visiting the mall. Services both offline and online are helpful for the visitors in easy identification of the desired stores. Retailers who wish to begin business in Seef Mall Bahrain can lease the stores.

One of the most notable features of Seef Mall Bahrain is that it offers excellent customer services, which is critical for developing relations with customers and make them visit again and again. As soon as visitors enter the mall, they can conveniently locate these guest service desks present on the West side and Middle entrances of the Mall on Level One. Representatives at these guest desks serve the visitors by offering solutions to their queries. In addition, these desks even offer a wide range of specialized services that include
•    Maps providing complete information about Seef Mall including the exact location of each and every store.
•    There are strollers, electric carts, and shopping carts available at the guest desk. In addition, there are also wheel chairs available particularly for handicapped persons. However, it is important to return the equipment without any damage. Or else, your credit cards would be charged the full value of the equipment.
•    Gift coupons are available for purchase at the guest desk. These coupons can be utilized anywhere inside the mall.
•    Guest desk services at Seer Mall Bahrain even help you identify lost articles. Apart from these, representatives at the desk provide security, information about nearby taxi stands that are normally present on the North side.
One important point to remember while making payments at the guest service desks inside Seef Mall Bahrain is that only cash or credit cards are accepted. One cannot submit personal checks or traveler checks. In addition, it is extremely important for visitors to carry their Passport or any other personal photo ID card while making payments through credit cards. Seef Mall Bahrain even has an extensive car parking area that can provide parking for a total 1,750 on-site parking spaces.