Bahrain Tourism

For tourists who desire to embark on a journey to the Middle-East countries, should not overlook Bahrain. There are a great number of attractions to visit inside Bahrain, an archipelago of Islands located amidst the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain tourism plays an important role in the economic development and the prosperity of Bahrain. With more the 10 million tourists visiting this beautiful country, tourism in Bahrain contributes a great extent to the government’s annual per capita income.

Bahrain TourismThere are different reasons due to which Bahrain tourism is popular around the world. The ease in reaching the nation via different routes air, land and sea makes it an attractive tourist spot in the Gulf area. Secondly, English language is understood throughout the nation, thereby erasing the language and communication barriers and making their journey through the kingdom comfortable. The third most important reason behind the popularity of Bahrain tourism is the warm hospitality of the Bahrainis, their remarkable cultural diversity and religious tolerance. Apart from countless attractions, Bahrain tourism provides excellent boarding and lodging facilities to visitors, depending on their budget.

Mentioned below are some marvelous and enticing tourist attractions in Bahrain.
•    Bahrain tourism offers remarkable shopping experience to visitors in the form of Souks and Shopping malls that are available in the capital city of Manama. There are different Souks or markets pertaining to various commodities such as cloth and Gold. The souks offer a wide range of commodities covering international as well as native brands. It a good experience to get apparel tailored by the experts when you visit a cloth souk. Expatriates can purchase sovereigns and gifts for their loved ones.
•    Siyadi House: This is a 19th century built house with attractive interior designs and ornate ceilings.
•    Al-Khamis Mosque: This is one of the most ancient mosques of the kingdom with striking attractions with twin minarets.
•    Bahrain Fort: One major attraction offered by Bahrain Tourism is Bahrain fort. The fort presents a collection of excavations.
•    Bahrain Temple: This stone-built temple is a venue for the worship of Enki, God of spring water. A sacred well that claims the generations of people is an attraction of the temple.
•    Museum of Pearl Diving: This historic building attraction of Bahrain Tourism, served as a first Bahrain’s official center for the courts. Serves as a place to study the legal foundation of the nation.
•    Bahrain National Museum: By hosting a great number of ancient treasures the place serves as major tourist attraction. The museum gives an insight in to the Bahrain culture.
•    Bahrain Fort Museum: It has two buildings the first one with an exhibition hall and a child learning and training room. The second room has a conference hall, a café with a beach view, and a dormitory for archeologists helping in their study of Bahrain traditions.
•    Al Fatih Mosque: Being a largest mosque in the nation, serves as a major attraction of Bahrain Tourism.  The mosque has a National library.
•    Arab Fort: It is a 15th century fort located in Arad. Being situated in the proximity of Bahrain International Airport attracts a great number of visitors. It represents the traditional Arab style of Construction. The Mosque gives an attractive look at night.