Sailing in Dubai

Dubai had earned a name for itself as one of the drab and dry desert regions, but with water sports having been introduced here, it has lost that misnomer. The pleasant climate of the city, the placid waters of the Dubai Creek have made water sports such as sailing in Dubai one of the must-try aspects of tourism. Sailing in Dubai is a very important part of the city’s maritime tradition. Most of the time sailors do not really need navigation skills in order to sail where they want, for the simple reason that they do not venture into deeper waters of the Dubai creek. They can see the place they want to go to right over their bow. But, to venture deep into the sea, you need to know about charts, and how to plot your destination, etc. But, of course things have become easier with GPS, for you don’t have to do a thing – everything is done for you.

Sailing is an extremely popular sport in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Not only would you find modern yachts for sailing in Dubai, but you would also find traditional Arab Dhows or boats which also indulge in racing. It is a fantastic and spectacular sight and it is something to be seen to be believed. The Dubai offshore Sailing Club is one of the premier sailing clubs in Dubai. The main focus of the club is to promote Sailing in Dubai and it has a large multi-national membership base. The sailing clubs in Dubai organize races from Dubai to Muscat each year and these races are quite popular.

Sailing in DubaiThe country’s beautiful beaches and excellent facilities ensure that sailing enthusiasts can enjoy water sports and Sailing in Dubai.  Sailing is a sport that has found widespread popularity in the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai. Calm waters and gentle breezes with almost predictable winds and excellent tide conditions are responsible for making Dubai the most sought after destination for Sailing and Windsurfing. When you become a member of a sailing club, the privilege of being a member entitles you to the equipment, the facilities, their activities, and the events.  Sailing clubs are spread throughout the emirates and they offer a wide range of water sport activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, and para-sailing. You can also do jet skiing in selected clubs where it is available.

You have a number of sailing opportunities to select from and it does not make a difference whether you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast. You have to take up the sport and enjoy it. If you are a beginner and would like to learn the basics of sailing, you can step into the Royal Yachting Association Training Centre. Qualified instructors will take you through the various processes of learning and acquaint you with the sport. But, if you happen to be a qualified sailor, you can just sign up for the Dubai Offshore Sailing club’s dinghy or cruiser and begin enjoying your experience of Sailing in Dubai.

Many of the international participants of the Dubai Match have opined that the venue is excellent for sailing in Dubai. They unanimously opine that the winds are consistent and Dubai promises to become one of the best venues in the world to stage international sailing events. Do come to Dubai and have a stint at sailing. You will just love the feel of the surf on your face, the wind blowing over your head, and the smell of the sea.