Sand Skiing in Dubai

The magic of the desert can be felt by you only when you experience an adventurous drive on the dunes of Dubai. The adventure starts from Dubai in one of those powerful and magnificent 4 wheel drive vehicles and head directly towards the sand ski areas in Hatta.

Fun and adventure lovers cannot afford to miss out on sand skiing. It is a daring sport, which should not be ignored. People with a taste for speed and a firm head for heights and enthusiasm in their blood will enjoy this unusual sport of skiing down the sand dunes of the Dubai desert landscape. Special skis are used and high dunes in the interior deserts arc chosen for this activity.

When you come here, abandon tradition to the winds. Strap on your sand boards, take a deep breath, and down the steep slope you go. Surf down the huge sand dunes and you can feel the world skidding beneath your feet. There isn’t much to describe the sport, but it is great to experience it. It is an unusual sport and speed loving enthusiasts will definitely love it. You have the option of choosing from a half day safari or a one day safari. Sand skiing is done on the large dunes found on the road between Dubai and Hatta and also near the Liwa Oasis.

You continue to drive till you reach the ancient fortress village of Hatta. From here onwards, the landscape changes and you pass through various hued mountains till you reach the Hatta pools.

The Hatta pools with their beautiful colored rocks and cascading waterfalls form stunning scenery. You can even have a swim in the natural waters and feel refreshed. You are then taken to the Hatta Fort Hotel for a sumptuous lunch.

From here you are taken to the renovated old Fort and a trip through the Wadi Hatta which abounds with lush greenery and different species of wild life. You are then taken to a 200-year old Bedouin village. You also get to see the Juma Mosque which is surrounded by palm trees.

Dubai Sand SkiingWhen you are in Dubai, do not miss the opportunity of sand skiing. It is extremely rare for you to get such a chance of sand skiing, and when you do get it, do not lose that opportunity. This sport is being promoted as one of the best adventurous activities to enjoy in Dubai and the sport has gained immense popularity among the visitors and locals equally.

Sand skiing is the latest craze in Dubai and the Middle East. All the agents in Dubai offer sand skiing facilities. All you need to have is lots and lots of energy – everything else is provided. You do have to take a few precautions to protect yourself from the harsh desert sun. If you have a delicate skin, protect your skin with a sun block lotion. Wear light colored clothes, a wide-brimmed hat and sun glasses.

Sand skiing in Dubai gives you the unique chance of experiencing the magic of the desert. This is the only sport where there is no chance of hurting yourselves. If you fall down, the only thing that is going to get hurt is your ego.