Dubai Squash

Squash is a game played by two players (four players in case of doubles) with a racquet in a four walled court with a small and hollow rubber ball. This game is believed to be a high-impact exercise that could strain and affect the joints, particularly the knees. The game of squash has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee and there is every possibility of the game being included as an event in the Olympics in the future. Originally, the game was known as Squash Racquets and a softer ball was used which could be squashed. It is believed that the game had roots in France somewhere in the fifteen hundreds. Girls and boys played the game in narrow streets. The people of monasteries in France developed a similar game for their recreation. The game gained popularity and spread to America and Canada and subsequently to other countries around the globe. Over the years, even in Dubai squash became quite popular.

Dubai SquashSquash can be played in almost every hotel in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. There are also a number of health clubs and fitness centers which have squash courts and where squash is played. In Dubai the first squash court was built in the 1960s at a place by Overseas AST which was an Australian Construction company; this site later became Port Rashid Overseas AST. The Dubai squash court, which was part of a small office of the Overseas AST, was built for the recreation of the staff. The first Dubai squash court was almost primitive. It had a concrete floor, four bare walls, no roof at all, and it was illuminated by four street lights. The squash court was located in a pipe yard and any ball that went out of the court was lost. But, nonetheless, it was from here that the growth of squash in Dubai took place.

In 1974, the Dubai Country Club built two squash courts. People took up the game quite seriously and started playing in Dubai, with the result that a Men’s League was formed. The number of people interested in the game went up and the Dubai Country Club could start several Dubai squash teams. The players formed the Dubai and Sharjah League for administration of the game. The Dubai and Sharjah Squash League became the UAE Squash Racquets Association and was affiliated to the Ministry of Sport.

Many of the construction and other international companies started building squash courts and started playing team squash. The game acquired popularity and soon there were enough number of players and teams to start a Squash League.

In Dubai squash is a game that can be played by a person of any age. Learning the game is not at all difficult and there are modified games to suit people of every skill level. Squash is an ideal game for anyone, as it can be played as a leisure activity or it can be taken up as a serious sport activity. It is a great stress-buster. It is a sporting activity that can be taken up individually or as a group or a team. And what is quite important is that weather conditions do not matter in this game.