Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure is a water theme park located on the premises of the luxury hotel Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai. Located amidst lush surroundings and sparkling blue waters, this theme park is 42 acres of total fun. Known to be the most ambitious water park in the Middle East, Aquaventure Dubai offers a variety of rides to its guests. With over 11 million liters of water used, guests become one with this element of the nature as they experience the thrill of slides, the river rides and the rapids. It is therefore, an ideal place for people of all ages to witness the most thrilling day of their lives.

Once you enter Aquaventure Dubai, you will be transported into a different era. The water park has drawn influences from historic architectural splendors like the Ziggurat. The park itself is built in the typical Arabian style, with numerous palm trees dotting the waterscape. Spread over 2 kilometers of water, the rides at the park include water slides, river rides, rides for children and the Aquaventure beach. Aquaventure provides life or flotation jackets for those who require them in water. Certain rides are not allowed for children below the height of 1.2 meters.

Water slides include The Leap of Faith, The Plunge, Shark Attack, Shamal, The Stinger, Falls and The Conveyor. The truly brave souls are the ones who are sure to take on The Leap of Faith. This slide is transparent, 27.5 m tall and 61 m long. It is not enough that the riders are plummeted down this slide. These ultimate thrill junkies are pushed into a lagoon where 5 different species of sharks swim about. If the shark-infested lagoon was not enough, The Plunge will certainly give riders a high. From the center of the Ziggurat, riders descend on to roller coasters which take the riders in different directions at jet speeds.

The ride Shark Attack allows the experience of floating alongside the sharks. From the center of the Ziggurat, riders make their way to the Lagoon through dark, winding tunnels. Shamal is a ride that starts at the center of the Ziggurat. An inner tube carries riders to The Plunge in Shamal. The Surge is Aquaventure Dubai’s thrilling water coaster. This ride begins at the top level of the Ziggurat and it twists and turns the riders even through dark passages. The Stinger is an uphill water coaster enough to get the adrenaline pumping. The Conveyor carries guests to all the different rides in the Ziggurat.

River Rides include the Rapids and the Torrent River. For children, a play area filled with bridges, tipping buckets, climbing frames, water jets and cannons promises to give them a wonderful time. The Aquaventure beach is located on 800 meter stretch of sun, sand and swaying palm trees. Guests can happily relax on this spot of the island and enjoy the tranquility of the Arabian Gulf. Guests of Atlantis The Palm have free and unlimited access to Aquaventure Dubai and the Dolphin Bay.