Dubai Marina

The great Dubai Marina is a district in Dubai and is also known as New Dubai. It will host several media and business houses such as the Dubai Media City, the Dubai Internet City and the American University. Dubai Marina’s first phase has been recently completed by the constructors. The Dubai marina is completely a man made structure constructed by the popular Emaar Properties of United Arab Emirates. The New Dubai Marina will contain more than two hundred high rise structures and buildings. Some of the under construction towers are the Infinity Tower, the torch Dubai Marina, the Dubai Marina Tower, the Princess Tower, The Marine Terrace, the Horizon Tower, the Tamani Hotel Marina and the Le Reve Tower.

Dubai Marina will occupy an area of around five million square meters. Nearly forty residential and hotel towers will be the part of Dubai Marina including the huge Jumeirah beach residence. Upon completion, it will be the world’s biggest ever man made marina. The Foreshore way will be around the marina for the public to access the parts of the attractions as well as the ocean way. The Dubai Marina beach gives a spectacular view of the Palm Jumeriah.

Dubai MarinaUpon completion the Dubai Marina will accommodate more than one hundred thousand residents and will the world’s most ultra modern quarters. The Dubai Marina is built on the desert sand and the estimate budget of entire construction is estimated at six billion American dollars. The Dubai Marina will have its own internet access facilities for all the towers, buildings, hotels and residents. United Arab Emirates has a quite strict internet censorship, so the internet part will be handled by the DU. Dubai Marina will also have its own medical facilities as well as parks for children.

Dubai Marina will hosts several holiday resorts, restaurants and cafes. The awesome Dubai Marina will have a cosmopolitan, unique and free spirited atmosphere. It will be the major hub for business and commerce in the entire United Arab Emirates as already several top fortune five hundred companies have booked their offices spaces. Tourists have started coming from all over the globe to see the construction of the region.

There will be prime schools and colleges for the residents. Some of the United Arab Emirates official offices will be also in the Dubai Marina. Already, per square feet and meter rate has skyrocketed in the prime location of the Dubai Marina. Investors from all over the world are investing in Dubai Marina as a part of their investment as they know that the rates will further increase in the near future. So, make your plans to visit the one of the biggest man made marine structure of the world.