Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai is a world famous exotic touristic destination. It is well known for its unique architectural structures which can not be found anywhere else in the world. The most famous buildings are the Burj Al Arab, the seven star hotel which is one of its kind, the Burj Dubai the future highest building in the world, the Palm Islands, the largest artificial island on the planet and many more.

One of the projects which is already under development is the Dubai underwater hotel. The hotel will be located 33 feet underwater and it will be as luxurious as any of the hotels on the mainland. Its total cost is over 300 million GBP, the projected price for room for a night will be 2500 GBP. The idea of building an underwater hotel is certanly not new. The Poseidon Mystery Island in Fiji is already under development but its total price is way lower than the Dubai one and it will be smaller with less features than the Dubai underwater hotel.

Dubai Underwater HotelThe Dubai underwater hotel will be called the Hydropolis and it will be a few times larger, deeper under the water than its rivals. The visitors will arrive at the Jumeirah Beach, there they can view a presentation about the evolution of the structure. The land station will be wave shaped and it will give home to the staff of Hydropolis. There will be also a marine biology research laboratory, a cosmetic surgery practice and parking facilities. The land station will be connected with the underwater section with a 500 meter long tunnel. In this tunnel an automatic train will transport the guests to the final destination, to the underwater hotel.

The Dubai underwater hotel will have 220 suites and they will be bubble shaped 20 meters under water. The Hydropolis will also have a ballroom and concert hall but they will be higher and they will brake the surface of the water. The ballroom will have a rectractable roof and the visitors will be able to enjoy open air concerts and events.

The Hydropolis will have extraordinary safety measures. In case of a rupture there will be a series of watertight doors, they will allow to seal off the ruptured section. Another curiosity is that the hotel will have its own missile defensive system. This system will be implemented because these kind of objects are often a target of terrorist attack.

In Dubai Underwater Hotel‘s designs participated a large number of offshore and submarine construction specialists. It was a challenge to design and construct such a building. The development begun in the early 1990s and it was supposed to finish in 2007 but the opening was delayed. Now the next date of opening is during the year 2009. But because of the global economic crisis further delays are expected. It is very difficult to secure finances for such a fantastic project and the enviromental challenges are also slowing down the completion of this project.