International City Dubai

They say that living in Dubai is definitely a unique experience, but visiting Dubai, for the first time is an unforgettable experience by default. For those who are returning visitors the International City of Dubai has always been a charming and attractive small city which turned to be a major player in the international economy and business stage.

International City of DubaiInternational city of Dubai, is the centre of Dubai, if something like that applies to a place like Dubai. Being one of the seven Emirates and certainly the most famous, along with the capital Abu Dhabi. Dubai has managed to be the city where there is no downtown or centre: The Creek, this marvelous natural phenomenon and settlement, divide and separate the city in districts and sets the tone for each one of them. What travelers, but also locals consider as a place close to the ‘centre’ is actually the distance of their hotel or residence from the airport, that is why this is the first thing you will read when looking for a Dubai hotel. The international city of Dubai consists of Bur Dubai, Satwa, and Jumeirah, which compound the south and ‘better’ part of the city, as locals support.

Bur Dubai is the closest part to the airport, and is the older part of the city, mostly built up. There are numerous business and apartment blocks in Bur Dubai and is the main place populated by Indians and Pakistanis expats who live and work in the Emirates and mostly in Dubai.

Satwa on the other hand is a mixture of cultures, civilizations, ethnicities and styles. It is a patchwork of ethnicities and nationals coming from the Philippines and other Far East countries. Many cheap lodges and hotels can be found around here, while the residences are also cheaper for expats who live in Dubai – in most cases more than 3 rent the spacious apartments so as to share the expenses more effectively.

Jumeirah is very close to Satwa and is of course the absolute contrast of everything else. Luxurious resorts, arrays of grand malls and elegant shops the scenery here in Dubai, as most of the travelers, especially those who come for recreational and leisure purposes spend their time here. Along the Jumeirah beach there are expensive villas and some amazingly beautiful apartments and complexes of residences, where the rich and famous of Dubai reside, amidst lush gardens and the beautiful sandy beaches of Jumeirah.

One of the most popular attractions and destinations in the International City of Dubai, is the Palm Jumeirah, one of the three palms that compound the famous Palm Trilogy. It is an island just off the main Dubai coastline, shaped as a palm tree, one of the main subjects seen completely from the space. Many stylish villas and apartments offering secluded moments and privacy lay on the beach of the Palm.

Dubai features the business areas of the Internet City, the Knowledge Villas and the famous Dubai Media City. All districts in Dubai, compound this unique place on earth, one of the miracles of the Emirates, as the international city of Dubai is called.