Isla Moda Dubai

Manhattan soon will lose its title of the world’s premier fashion island. Nothing has changed, fashion will still change and evolves as it always has, and its center will now be in a different place; Isla Moda, the brainchild of Dubai Infinity Holdings Company. This place is destined to become the new hangout for all the beautiful people and their entourage; the new hotspot for the established design houses and the up and coming fashionistas.

The new fashion island named Isla Moda is located in the set of islands known as The World in Dubai. The island will have fashion-themed residential villas, where residents will have the opportunity to shape their world to their tastes by creating individual living environments complete with custom tailored furniture, original works of art and technology all coming together in glorious harmony. Along with these truly inspirational homes will be haute couture boutiques, fashion resorts, a luxurious hotel for those on less extended stays, and top of the line medical facilities.

Isla ModaSamira Abdulrazzak, CEO of DIH was quoted to have said, “Isla Moda on The World will be the ultimate, all-encompassing fashion experience. It will provide shopping of the highest quality, the ultimate in luxury living, dining and entertainment.” Though there is nothing truly remarkable about the small cluster of islands (which are for sale; prices ranging from fifteen to fifty million dollars, depending on their size and location) in a physical sense, but it has got potential to become something truly amazing. “We are working with time-honored fashion houses as well as more nontraditional designers to create a unified yet flexible community that will begin with the forerunners of great design and evolve into the true representation of the tastes of our residents and guests.” continued Abdulrazzak.

The event coordinators of Isla Moda plan to hold many exclusive international events, including fashion shows and limited edition product launches and catering to the most high-profile fashion designers as they attend them beside the world’s top fashion critics. Examples of such events might be super-exclusive runway debuts of the latest fashions from around the world; or perhaps a conference location for a meeting of the minds over changes to the new fall line. There is nothing like luxury so thick in the air one can almost taste it to draw in those so used to a life of beauty and style.

One of the benefits of being a resident is gaining ‘VVIP’ (Very Very Important Person) access to some of the most exclusive fashion events, services, and products available. If a designer should decide that they would like some time off to themselves but cannot bear to be too far from their work for too long, they can always spend time in one of the many private and dedicated design studios built especially for use by designers of only the highest caliber.

True beauty comes only so often to the eyes of man; bear witness as such beauty exists in Isla Moda!