Jebel Ali Dubai

Visiting the Emirates is indeed an unforgettable experience, as all seven of them are uniquely beautiful and very different places, especially for the Western visitors who seek to visit something that stands out and reflects the true image and idea of the Middle East and what the rich world of the Emirates is about. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most famous destinations when it comes to a trip in the Emirates, as most of the agencies and travel operators globally tend to offer vacation packages in one of the luxurious resorts that lay in those cities.

One of the main attractions in the Emirates are the Palm Islands. There are three of them, all distinctive and exquisitely beautiful, a true sample of what the human imagination and creativity can accomplish, when combined with tons of money and the right business thinking, both of which flourish in the Emirates. The Palm islands, islands created by men, off the coastline of the Emirates in the Persian Gulf provide a unique and superb place to the thousands of visitors who flock there every year to admire the infamous resorts and of course relax and rest.

Jebel Ali DubaiJebel Ali in Dubai is the perfect example of what luxury and elegance means. The numerous tourists who visit the Jebel Ali, become instantly enchanted by its beauty and the distinctive characteristic of all three palm islands: the oriental design and the Middle Eastern tradition blend harmoniously in a tropical paradise that takes the most out of its creation advantages: Sandy beaches of white sand and corals, luxurious resorts that offer state of art services and the perfect ambiance to unwind and relax. If you ask most of the visitors they cannot find the reason to leave, and wish to stay as longer as possible there. Jebel Ali has the biggest number of returning visitors, despite the fact that the resorts and villas in the area are very high priced. The heavenly atmosphere and scenery is more than attractive and enchanting though.

The Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa hotel is by far the most luxurious and infamous place on the island, as the hotel complex is built amidst lush greenery and palm trees, overlooking the Dubai and Persian Gulf. When waking up and looking at the crystal blue waters and the beautiful palms around you, it is not weird that you don’t want to leave. A large number of amenities and activities, such as Golf and sea sports and an array of spa and health treatments are available to the guests at all times.

The Jebel Ali coast will soon boast the World of discovery, which will be introduced in 2012. It is going to be a project truly ambitious, as the new coming World will have the shape of an Orca, the killer whale, which is anyway the famous trademark of the Sea world. It is said that with the first phase of the project being completed within the next 2-3 years, the result will be impressive and breathtaking, although we can really wonder what else can surprise us more than the Jebel Ali itself.

You can find your personal tropical paradise in Dubai, visiting the Jebel Ali, and all resorts and conveniences promise a memorable and enchanting experience.