Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is one of the emirates that form the United Arab Emirates and is located on Eastern cost of Peninsula. Dubai has rich experience for all of its visitors by depicting its ancient and modern culture. You can find a number of people that have came to Dubai from different backgrounds and cultures. English is spoken in Dubai as a common language yet the national language is Arabic. There are a number of wonderful places that increases the beauty and attraction of this emirate. Dubai has magnificent shopping malls having a huge crowd all the time and you can get each and everything you need from these great shopping malls,

There are a number of tourist’s attraction in Dubai that include the tallest tower of the world that is Burj Dubai and now commonly called Burj Khalifa. Another impressive tower is Burj Al Arab that is the only seven star hotel of the world and has gained much attraction and fame because of its services that it provides to its customers. The experience at the beaches is really great with a lot of sea activities that attract the attention of all its visitors and you can also see all the sea activities by standing in the balconies of different apartments near sea. You can also yourself enjoy these activities by becoming the part of these different sea activities.

Jumeirah Beach is considered one of the exclusive areas of this emirate and the residential area of this beach is known as Jumeirah Beach district. This area has a number of villas that are for their luxuries and other dwellings. Jumeirah Beach is the home of the world’s famous and prestigious hotels along with different resorts. The popular hotel, seven star hotel is also situated in this area that is considered as a trademark of Dubai, Burj Al Arab. Next to this seven star hotel is the famous luxury resort of Jumeirah Beach Hotel that is designed in the shape of wave that provides the amazing view of Arabian Gulf. Wild Wadi is a famous family spot that is situated between the two parts of the Jumeirah group. Wild Wadi is a water themed park that offers various attraction and array of rides for the kids of all ages.

‘City of Jumeirah’ is the largest resort of Dubai and is also known as Madinat Jumeirah, which has great enjoyment for its visitors. Jumeirah Beach is really a wonderful place for having a great fun with family and friends. The residential area of Jumeirah Beach has two popular hotels along with twenty nine luxury style villas that are surrounded by the Arabian style souk.  The area of Jumeirah also has a grand Jumeirah mosque that is considered an attractive, largest and beautiful attraction of Dubai. You can also find the Palm Jumeirah that is located near Jumeirah Beach and is a manmade island with a shape of palm tree. Jumeirah is indeed a wonderful place to spend vocations with family and friends.