Dubai Knowledge Village

If you are looking for a wealth of knowledge, you need to look into the Knowledge Village in Dubai. It is considered a Free Zone. This complex is the host to many different companies and training institutions. This facility opened in the month of September back in 2003. It has rapidly expanded to provide numerous opportunities for employment and knowledge.

This is also a giant melting pot off cultures. You can find people from all walks of life and nationalities. This includes the UK, Iran, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Russia. This gives the Knowledge Village a wide birth of educational information available. The students that are housed here have the opportunity to learn from many different cultures and backgrounds. This alone can be an experience that most people will not be able to have.

By having the Knowledge Village available to the locals, the residents can know send there children to school locally instead of having to ship them overseas in order to get an education. This is very important to the residents. Granted, they may not yet compare to universities such as Harvard or even Oxford but, they do offer a great education for the students that reside there.

Dubai Knowledge VillageIf you are not looking to attend a college type setting, the village also offers another wide variety of teaching institutions as well. At some point and time, the Knowledge Village will expand its education level into the Dubai Academic City. While the Knowledge Village will keep the training and support services on there end, the Academic City will focus more on the education of schools and colleges.

Some are saying that the Academic City is going to be the area for the rich and famous so to speak. Since it will be full of universities, it will be filled with the elite of the elite, the snobs from all over. This is the feeling of many people.

Some of the events that are organized and hosted by the Village is The Breakfast Club. This is held every quarter for professionals in human development. There is also the Small Business Incubator. This is strictly for the birth of new businesses. And of course, the annual training day.

The Knowledge Village of Dubai has much to offer for anyone. Whether you are looking to find a new home for a place of employment or for training to further your education, you can find what you are looking for all in one place. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. One of the best things about this place is that you can learn not only from the teachers but also from the people.

As said earlier, because this is a melting pot of cultures, the wealth of knowledge that is available just from the people around you is immense. Some say that the best way to learn is through the world and those that are around you. This is the perfect place for that type of learning experience.