Dubai Public Parks

In a single decade, Dubai has become an oasis of public parks. Public parks pour life and breath into the cities and play a crucial role in helping the environment by increasing the oxygen component in the air and reducing the carbon dioxide in the air. Dubai’s Public Parks create recreational facilities for everyone. They increase green spaces and protect the environment from pollution.

The most prominent name among Dubai’s Public Parks is the Dubai Creek Park, which derives its name from its location, on the banks of the Dubai Creek. The entire park is a hue of green as it is filled with trees, plants, and lush green lawns. The green color of the park and the clear blue sky blends perfectly with the blue waters of the Dubai creek. The Dubai Creek Park is spread out on a 96 hectare area and is the second biggest park in Dubai, next to the Mushrif Park. The Dubai Creek Park is recognized as the better park by virtue of its ultra-modern equipment and its tactical location in the heart of the city. The park has a modern style and has used a perfect blend of architectural and modern designs. The park has 280 kinds of trees and plants, many of which are planted here for the first time. It has more to offer than most of Dubai’s Public Parks. There are 5 areas demarcated for children’s games which also contain an amphitheater that can accommodate 1200 people. There is a restaurant and a number of snack bars in the park. The park has five entrances, three of which are on the main street and one on each side.

Dubai Public ParksAnother very prominent name among Dubai’s Public Parks is the Al Muzmar Park, which is a beach park that is located in a vast area. It is a huge park located on a 99 hectare area. It is located on the shores of the Gulf in the Al Muzmar Residential Area. Fifteen air-conditioned bungalows have been provided on beach number 4 which can be taken on rent. The Al Muzmar Park has an amphi-theater well equipped to host musicals. There are a number of children’s game areas distributed around the park. These include modern sledges, climbing and hanging games. There is an Amusement area and a snack house in the park.

A very outstanding park among Dubai’s Public Parks is the Jumeirah Park, which is an artist’s concept of beauty and marvel. The blue waters of the Gulf lie in sharp contrast to the golden sands of the Jumeirah beach. This park, which is spread over an area of 13 hectares, is the first beach park of Dubai. Most of the people who love the water and who love swimming come here. The park has five watch towers manned by expert lifeguards to prevent any mishaps. There is a specialized first-aid-centre to look after accident and drowning cases. Visitors to the park can have an excellent view of the sea from the cafeteria. The main area is full of flower beds and from here stairs take you up to an area full of green lawns, palm trees, and wooden umbrellas with climbing roses. The whole area is totally floodlit at night.

Another very well-known name among Dubai’s Public Parks is the Al Safa Park, which is spread on an area of 64 hectares, and has a large green lawn reserved for football, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts apart from a jogging track and a gym. Many sports enthusiasts come here to practice their sports. There is a lake and you find a fountain and touring boats in the middle of the lake. You find about 200 species of birds in and around the lake, including some migratory birds. The park boasts of a train which goes about on a circular route. There are various types of plants and trees in the park and you would be surprised to know that there are 16924 trees and plants in the park.