Dubai Investment Park

Dubai Investment Park is a very modern facility. They also pride themselves that it is environmentally friendly. This park is used to house many different companies. They are industrial, commercial, residential and also recreational. The southern area of Dubai is where this park is located.

The purpose of this park is to make everything convenient for visitors. It is located on the water and looks absolutely spectacular when you look upon. People have the opportunity to have everything located in one place. This includes businesses, recreation, living quarters and shipping all rolled into one. The potential of this park is unlimited in its abilities to accommodate its residents.

Foreign and local investors can benefit from the park as well. There is plenty of space to lease or rent for a business or for living quarters. It is conveniently located for easy access to major highways which can get you quickly to the airports. It also has on site security to make you feel at ease.

The developers have tried to think of every amenity that would be needed. There are 19 million gallons of domestic water every day available to the residents and business owners and 6 million gallons a day of irrigation water. You cannot leave out the industrial process water systems. This provides 2 million gallons of water per day.

It is important that they have sewage control with an onsite plant. The park has its very own personal plant to supply power to the residents as well as keeping up with the demand of gas. And, so the folks that reside and work at the industrial park, they have 50,000 telephone lines that are available for there use.

In order to lease a space here, there are a few different options that you can choose from. There are long term and short term leases as well as extendable. The price that you will pay will depend on the size space that you require as well as the length of time you need it for.

The types of leases are classified by the type of need. They are industrial land, office land, residential land, commercial land, industrial building, office building and commercial building leases. So, depending on if you are planning on residing there or getting a space for our business will depend upon the type of lease that you will require.

Jitendra business consultants run the business park and will be able to get you any information that you need. They are located on Dubai and the information on them can be found with a phone call or simply looking online. They will be able to speak with you on leasing land for 30 or more years as well as the telecommunications that are available. You will be amazed when you lay your eyes on the investment park for the very first time. The beauty of the development will take your breath away time and time again. You will be proud to call it your home.