Dubai Stock Exchange

The Dubai Financial Market is the main stock market exchange of the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2000, as a result of the significant financial increase and development of the UAE. Today there are more than 55 companies included in the Dubai Stock Market, many of them offering Dubai business, Dubai banking or financial services. Most of these companies are founded and headquarter in the Emirates, as well as a few important companies of other countries of the Persian Gulf.

Years 2004 and 2005 were the most important for the Dubai Stock Market, as there was a sudden and impressive increase in the number of companies and shares that were a subject of the daily trade in the Emirates. The prices of these shares were significantly high, reflecting the healthy and solid economy and great development of the Dubai Stock Market and the Emirates in general. Towards the end of 2006, the inevitable happened and many of the shares lost their high prices. The same thing happened simultaneously to many other countries and the stock markets of the Gulf.

Dubai Stock ExchangeDFM is the main stock market exchange in the Emirates, however after 2005 the Abu Dhabi Securities Market and the Dubai International Financial Exchange, also known as DIFX were introduced, listing also local companies, while the DIFX is mostly targeting the trade of stocks of international companies. The Dubai Financial Market is the Dubai stock market exchange institution that is run by an independent administrative body and trades not only shares of private companies but also bonds and securities that are issued by the public corporate sector and some shareholding companies, again belonging to the public.

Introducing two systems that ensure a safe daily operation, Clearance and Settlement, and the Trading System, the Dubai Stock Market has managed to establish itself among the best stock market exchanges in the World, based on the efficiency of the trading system. Clearance and Settlement is an automated and integrated system that is used to perform a series of tasks that belong to the daily routine of clearance, while the Trading system is what the brokers use for the daily activity. It performs all necessary actions to ensure an effective and well appointed stock exchange, as well as the monitoring of the orders at all times.
In order to be able to trade in the Dubai Stock Exchange, potential investors should obtain first their unique Investor Number, which is given to them after the successful completion of the Investor number Form, issued by the accredited brokers of the DFM. Second,  the investor needs to open an account in the Financial Market and use the accredited Account Opening Forms and guidelines.

Buying and selling stocks and giving orders has to be given to the broker, either in person, by fax or telephone and email, but this is a subject of prior agreement so that everything is recorded to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.