Getting Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a busy city with various types of job positions from CEOs, laborers, entertainers, health care and household. At this point of time, tradesmen are in demand due to the numerous construction projects happening at the same time. Aside from the construction business, there are still a lot of available Dubai jobs and many more opportunities will open as Dubai pushes forward to its development.

Although Dubai is takes employees from whatever country or race, it is a fact that those with US, Australian and UK passports are paid higher than others. If by chance you are from one of these countries, then you are quite fortunate because of a higher salary range.

When you are scouting for Dubai jobs, it is important that you are also well aware of the cost of living in Dubai so as you could negotiate a package which will be sufficient to cover for you during your stay there and save money as well. Different jobs offer different opportunities with diverse benefits given apart from the salary. The two most common benefits are a paid vacation once a year and a return ticket to your country for free. You could also try to negotiate for other terms such as free accommodations or housing allowance, service vehicle, allowance for school if you have children to transfer to Dubai and maybe airline ticket for your whole family.

Checking the local newspaper might be your way of hunting for Dubai jobs but at times it is really hard to know which ads are true or if it is still vacant. Cases of dead-end leads are very common when consulting the local paper for jobs.

The search for Dubai jobs might also lead you to employment agencies. Such firms usually pay for advertising rights for long months or even years. Although they do have a lot of jobs to offer which are true and legitimate, there are also situations where they offer non-existing or dummy jobs just to fill up for open ad spaces.

One common mistake done by people who seek Dubai jobs is to rely solely on their applications at agencies offering jobs which they read only on the newspaper. Considering the countless people applying for jobs by means of agencies, the odds of someone actually viewing your resume is very slim. Such situation leads to the conclusion that it is better to apply for jobs directly to the employer.

Another method which is a bit radical is to call the agency and ask the name of the consultant who is handling the recruitment in your areas of expertise. This might be a difficult task as most offices don’t give out names that easy but with some determination and maybe charm you might be able to do so. Once you have the name, you can call the consultant directly to establish good rapport telling him or her of your capacity and special skills. Such effort is guaranteed to put you on his “unforgettable list” and the chance of him personally calling you is greater should he think that you are a good candidate for a job opening.
A direct method to find Dubai jobs is to contact the HRD or Human Resources Departments of certain companies which you think will suitable for your capability. One technique is not to ask if they have job vacancies or positions but rather tell them of your special skills which you think will be useful for their company. If you are able to convey your message right, even if they don’t have an opening, they might consider on actually creating one just for you if you have convinced them that you can be a valuable asset.